Clouds of uncertainty are hovering over the future of Indian medical students returning from Ukraine. While some are back, many are thinking about their academic careers, whether back home or stuck there. Indian officials said that though it was a state subject, it was impossible to accommodate these candidates in home colleges.
As per the new rules of Foreign Medical Graduate Licensee Rules, MBBS candidates may take up to 10 years to complete the programme.
In addition to a minimum course work tenure of 4.5 years, candidates are required to intern for two years: 12 months at the foreign medical institution where they are studying and another year of supervised internship in India. The MBBS program in Ukraine lasts for six years.
“The stakes are highest for candidates in their third year and final year. There is no clarity on when the universities will start and when we will be called back. We are all leaving the university now, there is no clarity on our future, Said a third year candidate from Zaporizhzhia State Medical University while waiting at the train station in Ukraine.
About 500 Indian students were evacuated from this university in Kyiv and taken to the Romanian border. Sources in the National Medical Commission in India said that the priority of the government at present is to bring back all the students and ensure their safety.
“These students will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds in the next few weeks,” an NMC official said.
Most agencies in Ukraine that have been in contact with students said that candidates would “wait and see”. Mahendra Jaware Patil, who worked with the seven, said, “There is a lot of concern right now about the evacuation. The students were allegedly abused at the Polish border, but they are also worried about their future. Most want to go back. Huh.” Medical School in Ukraine.
College principals in India said that it would not be possible to accommodate them in Indian medical institutions. While this is a state matter, we do not have that many seats and also, colleges and the state have to take into account the merit, said a source. A former MCI member said, “Many students who leave India do so because they have low NEET scores. Even when the Covid pandemic broke out, students living in China were not kept in Indian institutions. could go.”
Worse yet, many students in Ukraine who were studying online during the COVID-19 pandemic are on their way back home after returning to Ukraine after nearly two years. Patil said, “There is no clarity on when they will complete their compulsory practical course. Some were in the middle of their internship after a prolonged halt due to the COVID pandemic.”
“This morning, we came out of our bunker and the university authorities told us that we need to go to Lviv in two hours. We packed the bus and left,” said Vedanti Mule, a first-year medical student from Pune. “There is nothing that our university officials told us about online classes or when we should go back,” she said. “Right now, we just have to go home.”

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