Nima Denzongpa Jun 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Priyal’s wedding begins

Nima Denzongpa Jun 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Priyal’s wedding begins

Nima Denzongpa Jun 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Priyal’s wedding begins

Nima Denzongpa June 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Priyal now says they are not husband and wife. In fact, they were never married. Maniya says shame on you. She says I can kill your kid if you want. Nima says don’t say that? Priyal says we can let this kid go. Virat says we’re getting married, don’t do this drama. He says I will marry her voluntarily. Priyal says Virat is so smart. Go and smile everyone. it’s my wedding Priyal plays the drum. Nima says you’re pregnant, what are you doing? She says which child? She says relax, I mean don’t worry. Virat says it’s no joke. Priyal says it’s not difficult. Someone else can play it. Priyal says in his heart I can’t tell them. Priyal says Nima will put mehndi on my hands. Virat says don’t cross the line. She says write Virat’s name on my hand, Nima. Nima writes V. Birla looks at Priyal from behind the wall. Priyal says I feel like throwing up.

Priyal meets Birla and says why did you come here? She says I called you but you didn’t pick up. I want money. Priyal says you’ll have money by the evening. If Nima finds out this pregnancy is fake, she’s going to ruin my game. Varun comes there. Priyal says what have you been doing here? He says I had to go to the bathroom. Nima tells Priyal that I will find out your truth. Priyal tells Nima that Virat is only mine and will only be with me. Nima says you can’t catch people. Priyal says put mehndi on my feet. Virat says cut it out. Priyal says okay, I called a mehndi artist too.

Priyal says Paras will play the drum for me. Virat says stop it, Priyal. She says don’t stop everything. Nima apologizes to Paras. She says God will be on our side. Paras plays the drum. Priyal dances around Virat. She puts mehndi on Virat’s hand. Virat’s hand touches Nimas. Nima goes to her room and cries. Sunita asks are you alright? Nima says yes, I’m fine. Sunita says let your emotions flow.
I get it. Nima hugs her and cries. She says why do I keep losing things I love? I never thought that I would love again. Maniya comes and says it’s all because of me. Nima hugs her and says don’t say that. You don’t have to worry about your child. I won’t let you suffer Sia says aai you are suffering so much. Let’s go home. Don’t see all that. Priyal says Nima is my bridesmaid. She’s a maid, after all. She can’t go. You all go now. I want to rest.

Nima calls Varun. He says I followed the girl. I saw the area she was entering. I took a picture of her. He sends the photo to Nima. Nima says it’s Birla. Nima says we’re both going tomorrow. Priyal comes and says what are you doing here? Do not mess with me. Go and serve the food. Virat can’t find his white shirt. Nima does it for him. Nima says I should have confessed my love sooner. I was too late. He says I will always love you. Nima says in her heart that our love will prevail. Priyal sees her. Virat hugs Nima.

episode ends

Update credit to: Atiba

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