Netizens disappointed with Samar’s death track in Anupama; Criticize value separation


Netizens disenchanted with Samar’s dying monitor in Anupama; Criticize worth separation

The ongoing storyline associated to Samar’s demise in Anupamaa has left followers disenchanted. Netizens are expressing their dissatisfaction with the storyline, particularly because it suggests a potential separation of beloved Anupama and Anuj.

In the story, Vanraj holds Anuj answerable for Samar’s dying, and Anupama, overwhelmed by the shock of her son’s dying, finds it difficult to take sides. However, followers should not pleased with the trajectory of the narrative, and their reactions replicate their disappointment.

One person reacted to Barkha’s latest dialogue and stated, “Barkha said #AnujKapadia waited 26 years for 4 #Anupama; He can wait again. AK said that he was alone, but now he is not. I thought she meant she now has #ChotiAnu to think about, no fear of losing A. Survivor’s guilt is understandable, the unfair blame 4 Summer’s death is breaking his spirit.

Another fan commented, “Which family? When she reflects on her ex-husband’s words about Anuj, who is not only her husband but also the love of her life – nothing they show now can compensate for the damage done to #Anupama’s character Is! Instead of Samar’s death, it is Anuj’s helplessness that is making us sad.

Reflecting on the future storyline, a viewer shared, “#Anupamaa will fight for justice now, so right… God forbid if Kavya loses her baby in the process, Anupamaa should be blamed the same way #AnujKapadia is being blamed for Samar’s death. ,

Addressing the origins of Anupama and Anuj’s relationship, another user reminded, “Not fair! After the mourning, there is hope that Anupama and Anuj will reconcile because Samar’s soul can never be sad if Samar’s death becomes the reason for distance between #MaAn. Samar is the first one to support the relationship and name it #MaAn; He was their best cheerleader.

Concerns were also raised over the timing of the promo release, with one user saying, “Releasing the promo of Samar’s death during the festivities was a bad move… People can’t handle too much negativity, and that day is not far that #Anupama may have to face defeat.” 1st place.”

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