NEP can act as a template for transforming human capital for emerging economies. Education


Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday stated India’s New Education Policy (NEP) can act as a template for emerging economies in opposition to growing methods and insurance policies to grow to be human capital into well-rounded international electorate. .

NEP can act as template for transforming human capital for emerging economies: Pradhan

Pradhan, who additionally holds the ability construction and entrepreneurship portfolio, made the remarks whilst addressing the second one version of the Voice of Global South Summit hosted by way of India.

He stated, “NEP as a philosophical document should act as a template for emerging economies towards developing comprehensive strategies and agile policies to transform human capital into well-rounded global citizens with values ​​of compassion and humility.” Could.”

“NEP has catalyzed transformation in our education and skills ecosystem and we look forward to sharing our experience with partner countries,” he said.

Pradhan said that no country can solve any problem or achieve its goals on its own.

“We must work on shared aspirations, formulating common strategies based on the twin pillars of education and skill development. India’s experience can serve as an example in this regard.

“Built on the five pillars of access, affordability, accountability, quality and equity, the NEP aims to create an education system that is rooted in the Indian ethos, as well as aligned to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It will equip our youth Aspires to develop as a global citizen with values ​​of humanity and compassion,” he said.

The minister said focusing on seamless integration between school education and “skilling” is a priority under the NEP to ensure that India’s youth become a driving force in shaping the future.

“We have remodeled our Study in India portal… We at the moment are welcoming overseas universities to open their campuses in India as effectively. India is ‘Together for Growth’ for international well-being, an equitable international order , will paintings with the arrogance of all and for a brighter international long term,” he stated.

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