Neema Denzongpa May 5th 2022 Written Episode Update: Maniya to resume her career

Neema Denzongpa May 5th 2022 Written Episode Update: Maniya to resume her career

Neema Denzongpa May 5th 2022 Written Episode Update: Maniya to resume her career

Nima Denzongpa 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Virat says I am also coming. He says Maniya you come with me, I have to talk to you. He is confused. Mona tells Priyal to start your work to impress Virat. Krishna is painting. Priyal comes and says nice painting. may i help you She also starts painting. She asks are you fine? I thought you would be sad because Maniya wanted to adopt Khushi as her real parents had taken her. Real parents are real parents. Mania can never be a real mother. Kris ignores her. Priyal says but don’t worry. If Neema is not your real mother then Virat is yours.

Neema says why did Virat take Maniya? I hope he is fine. Mania is silent. Virat asks are you fine? I know it is not easy for you but God gives you troubles which only you can take. Maniya says why always me. I am going strong. Neema is worried. Sunita says don’t worry. let them talk. Virat says that only a few coals turn into diamonds. It takes time. But once you become a diamond, you are no longer a stone. It tells us why we are in this world. I was in the same situation. You wanted kids and you can’t have. I was not ready to be a father but I found Krish. His real parents passed away. Maniya says you two are brave. He says no I was not brave. I thought it was the right thing. I don’t know whether I became a diamond or not, but I was not a stone. Once you are determined you find peace. A woman is not only considered a mother. He has so much more to do. Make a name for yourself, work hard, have a goal. Everything will be okay.

Neema is worried for Maniya. She says I hope Maniya is fine. We should go and check. Maniya starts crying. Neema says are you fine? She and Virat laugh. Maniya says I am laughing a lot. Sunita says how did you make her smile? Virat says it is a secret. Neema asks are you fine? She says I was upset till Virat told me that I am daughter of a strong mother. Virat says you are my complete family. Paras thanks Virat. Neema and Virat leave Sunita. Neema says sorry you had to come all the way. He says I wanted to. We should let Krish be alone so that he can be free. Neema says yes let’s wait for his sleeping time.

scene 2
Chinki and Varun talk on the call. She asks what are you eating? That’s called ravioli. She says I am eating sandwich only. She says I found a friend who understands me. Let’s make a video call. He says no I had to leave, he disconnects the call.
Neema and Virat leave. Neema says thank you Virat ji. You handled Mania very well. He says if I start thanking you then it will take a whole year. He says your family matters to me because you matter to me. Something goes in Neema’s eyes. Virat took it out. Neema says I am fine. Virat keeps looking at her. Neema says let’s go.

Mona and Priyal come to the shop. Mona says this is Krish’s mom dad picture. Priyal says what should I do with this? She says somehow tell her that Virat is not her father. He’ll go crazy. We will assure him that he has no family.

scene 3
Paras massages Maniya’s hair and says I am very happy to see you better. I can’t see you sad. She says there are many things that make us sad but there are beautiful moments too. Virat gave me the same confidence. It’s so easy to talk to him. He asked me to think about what else I want from life other than being a mother. I forgot about my career. We can adopt later. I am thinking that I should start working on Agion. Paras stood up. She says did I say anything wrong? You don’t want me to work? He says no, I was wondering why didn’t I get this idea? I always support you, do what makes you happy. She says I am very lucky.

Kris gets in his bed. Mona says once Krish sees that photo everything will explode. Kris chose his story book. The photo is in that book. He looks at the photo. Pa says.

episode ends

Update Credits: Atiba

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