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scene 1
Neema and Virat come home. Dadi says are you ashamed? Go from here. Virat who went to jail because of you Virat says that I am here because of him. Mona says that her daughter filed the report. Now she’s doing great by taking it back. Neema says I did not take it back. I lodged FIR again. Mona and Priyal are scared. Dadi says are you accusing Virat? Neema says Virat was with me that day so he is not there. Someone else was driving it. Mona says is your daughter God? How did he remember the number? Neema says car is also broken. Virat says why are you all so worried. We didn’t do anything. Someone asked how is his daughter? Have some Shame. Neema goes to the room. Dadi says she will not stay in my house. Virat says this is my house too and she will stay in my house as my wife.

Neema comes to Krish’s room. He is sleeping. Neema sits with him. She holds his hand. Neema says someone has woken up and wants to play. Kris ignores her. Neema says I know you are crazy but you saw Maniya didi right? Kris puts his hand on his ear. Neema says I will sleep on the floor. Krish says no? Neema says I don’t want in my room? He refused. Neema sees that her card is torn in the bin. Mona tells Priyal why are you packing? She says I am going back to Delhi. I can’t go to jail. Mona says shut up. If you disappeared everyone would suspect you. We hid everything, don’t worry. There is no evidence against you.

scene 2
Siya calls Mayank and says when will you come back? He says that Kanchan’s sister has got engaged. I will come after her engagement. She says will you keep attending other people engagement? What about our wedding? He says we will get married. why are you in a hurry? Siya says I am in hurry. Come back, we’ll get married. Sunita says why are you doing this? To punish Neema? Sunita says I will live my life on my terms now. Neema thinks about Maniya and Siya. She sheds tears. She remembers Maniya’s accident. Neema says my mania has already suffered a lot. Please take away all his pain. Virat comes and trips over her. He says why are you sleeping here? She says Kris is mad at me, he doesn’t want me to sleep there I am fine. Virat says you can sleep in my room. I’ll sleep on the couch. Priyal says now she is shifting to Virat’s room? He says were you listening? Kris does not want her to sleep in his room. Can she sleep in your room? She says no. Virat says then she will sleep in my room. She’s my wife.

Neema says Krish takes rasa? He refused. Grandma leaves. Neema says ok I will eat later. Bell rings. Police comes. Mona and Priyal are scared. Alok says I had gone down to get the parcel. That’s it. They ask Mona where are you? She says I don’t drive. Inspector says what did you do? She says I was at home whole day. He asks Priyal? Priyal says I was sleeping at home. He says everyone was sleeping so did the car move on its own? We will come again for questioning. He shows a bangle in it which they found in the car. He says that we found this bracelet in the car. Does this belong to any of you? Priyal is scared. Virat says dear, this is yours. Neema says were you driving? Priyal is scared. Priyal recalls the accident.

episode ends

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