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India faces criticism in UK over stand on Russian invasion of Ukraine

LONDON: India has been criticized in Britain for failing to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and for its plans to buy heavily discounted Russian oil.
Britain’s trade minister, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, said ahead of the conclusion of the second round of trade talks on Thursday that Britain was “very disappointed” with India’s stand. “…but we continue to work with Indian partners and hope that their views will change,” she said.
India currently imports 80% of its oil, of which 2 to 3% comes from Russia, and is looking to buy subsidized oil from Russia, bypassing sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow and the SWIFT payment system. .
The UK PM’s official spokesman said that Boris Johnson wants India and every country to move away from the use of Russian oil and gas. “It’s the money that Putin’s regime gets through oil, gas and coal, which goes directly toward funding the Russian war machine. That’s something everyone needs to be aware of.” “We understand that each country is in a different position and we fully respect that but of course the Prime Minister wants to broaden the coalition of countries so that everyone is not only in condemnation but also for thwarting Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Let’s unite in action,” he said.
In the House of Lords, Labor peer Lord Campbell-Savers called for researching, developing, manufacturing, licensing and supplying vaccines in the UK from now on, saying: “I would have thought that to learn about the volatility of supply from the case There are lessons. Oil from Russia. Equally, both China and India are world leaders in vaccine supplies – with both countries reluctant to support us over some areas of contention and foreign policy crises – alarm bells Should sound.”
Labor MP Khalid Mahmood in the House of Commons asked: “What action will we take when people break those sanctions on Russia and take supplies? I’m thinking specifically of crude oil being taken by India. Those Under the circumstances, what action should we take against those who are still supporting Putin?

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