Naagin Season 6 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 Jan 29, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Seema telling Shesha that she is not bad. Shesha says that you are Mirchi and very bad. She says you missed me, I’ll show you, this avatar of mine. She turns into a snake. Seema runs away. Prarthana holds Vishakha by her tail and asks him to see her necklace again. Visakha says that it is your defeat as I fought with you to distract you. She says Mahek went to take Tina’s anklets off, and I’m distracting you. She says sorry your Tina has an evil eye and asks Tina to see if she can. She has Mehak kidnap Tina and takes her from there. She tries to leave but Vishakha stops her by spewing fire from her mouth. She then sets the stage on fire, spewing fire from her mouth. She says that it is your decision if you will save the civilian or Divya Payal. Prarthana thinks that she cannot risk the lives of many people and calls Mahadev to show her miracle and bring her storm and extinguish this fire. She recites the mantra. A strong storm comes and all the fires go out. Prayer thank you mahadev. Mehak takes Tina away from there and tries to remove her anklet, when Prarthana arrives and punches Mehak. She says that you will not have this divine anklet on your dirty hand. Mehak says that no one can stop her today. The sentence says that a mother is very powerful. He picks up Tina and makes her sit on her back. She says that my daughter is on my back now. Vishakha and Mahek attack him but Prarthana frees them and tells them that it is one of Naagmani’s powers to release enemies. He removes Divya’s anklet from her feet and wakes Tina up. The impostor Raghu, a snake, arrives there and sets Vishakha and Mahek on fire, to release them from their frozen state. Vishakha says that I will not leave that remaining Naagin.

Prarthana asks Gautam to take the children from there. Shesha calls Prarthana. The prayer comes there. Seema says that she has stabbed him in the back. Prayer takes care of the rest. Shesha asks him to leave and kill all the enemies. She closes her eyes. Prarthana says that she will not let anything happen to her. Seema says you have lost, maha shesh naagin. She takes Shesha to Naag Mahal and tries to bring her back to her senses. She says that Shesha is not opening her eyes and asks who will save her.

Nagraj Takshak reaches there and tells him that by using the anklet you can save Shesha but gems are needed as well. Prarthana puts on her anklets and begins the puja, all 8 naagmanis coming out of her navel and placed on the plate. She makes Shesha wear anklets and gives her all the naagmanis to save her. Shesha regains consciousness. Takshak Raj and Prarthana smiled. Prarthana hugs Shesha and tells her that Shiv ji is great to have her back, and she thanks him. Shesha says that she knew that you could do anything to save me. She then hits Prarthana in the middle of her back. She says that I played this game to see your limit. Takshak Raj and Shesha pray with a smile. Prarthana says Shesha, why did you cheat on me? Takshak Raj is none other than Visakha. Vishakha removes all the naagmanis from the plate and puts them in the bag. Shesha calls Mahek, betrays Raghu and Seema and tells him that I had said that Payal and Naagmani would be mine. She says it’s mine now. Seema says yours. Shesha says ours. Mahek says that he has done a great job. Seema says I love you Kali Naagin. Shesha says don’t forget I’m still Khooni Kali Naagin. Prarthana asks Shesha, did you really cheat on me? Shesha says yes I am a beautiful betrothed and says that the snake who stole her naagmani is her avatar and she says that he is the two headed snake and she released Vishakha. She says that I acted like Seema attacked me from behind, and you didn’t once think that Seema is a human and I am a Naagin, and I caught you. She gives the anklet to Mehak.

Mahek is glad and puts it on. She comes in her blue naagin avatar and says that all my powers have returned. The fake Raghu turns out to be a shape-shifting snake. Everyone comes to pray. Visakha says Maha Shesh Naagin, you are lost. She says that you are suffering here and that your husband is in our captivity. Seema says how you will save your real Raghu. Shesha remembers and a fb is shown. Shesha says that she will use Raghu and get whatever she wants and says that she will be fake and Prarthana will think of him as her Raghu and tell him everything. She says that he kidnapped her. Facebook ends. She prays that Raghu is alright, I won’t forget what you have done for me. She stabs him over and over again. The prayer screams. Vishakha and Mahek smile. The prayer says that Lord Shiva…. All the evil naagins and snakes leave there along with Seema, taking the anklets and all the naagmanis with them.

Pranali sees Pranali asking her to get up and tells her that their fight is yet to come. She says that when you have pain I feel that pain too. She makes him swear his promise to her and asks him to get up from her. Prarthana says that I can’t fight anymore. Pratha tells him that she is still Shesh Naagin, and tells him that the story is not over yet, she asks him to go to her grandmother’s photo. Prarthana says that she cannot. Pratha asks him to get up. Prarthana sees it. Pratha asks him to get up and walk. Prarthana goes to Nani’s photo frame. She tells the tradition that once someone attacked her from behind and she was saved from it because she had applied the paste that was near Nani’s photo. Prarthana finds the paste in the drawer and applies it to her back. All her wounds are healed. The prayer says mother, you have given me a new life. Pratha tells her that a mother’s job is to give life and tells her that today she has given up, and asks her to kill all the enemies who tried to kill her. She asks him to promise that she will not forgive her enemies. Her prayer makes her swear that she will not forgive her enemies.

The children are playing with the ball. The ball hit Mahek. Mehek scolds the children. Bunty asks Shesha to teach her a lesson. Shesha wiggles her ears and asks Seema to lock her in her room. Bunty and other children say that Preeti is coming. Vishakha argues with Seema. Mehak asks Seema to take the children from there. Gautam asks how you are behaving with the children. Mehak slaps Gautam and then hypnotizes Gautam and Sonia and turns them into slaves.

Shesha tells Mahek, Vishakha and Seema that they will get what they want tonight. Seema locks all the children in the room while the children ask her to open the door. Mehak says that they will have a party, that they will win in no time. Children cry in the room. Preeti climbs through the window and enters the room. She knows the children. Mehek opens the bottle of champagne. Shesha says we have payal and all the naagmanis. She says the last thing left. They treat Gautam and Sonia as servants and ask them to bring Chakna.

The prayer tells the children that they have to unite to fight against the enemies.

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