Naagin Season 6 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Naagin Season 6 26 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Tshak telling Pratha and Prarthana that only Kaliya Naag can answer them, but knowing how to impress him is not easy. He asks for prayer to know about his future. Prarthana says that you are Nagraj Tashk. Custom dictates that they will go there and engage the navals there. She says that only Kalia Naag knows the secret of Nani’s anklet.

Prayer meets waiting along the way. Pratiksha tells that she had gone to her house and her husband told her that he was no longer her husband. Prayer watches. Pratiksha tells that her life is about to change as she is getting married but she does not know the boy. The sentence says that life gives us beautiful surprises and says that she will find that man. She tells him that Rudra is the right man for her and that she will love him. Pratiksha asks him about Rudra. The prayer says that everything will be fine. She asks him to have strength.

Rudra, Sayali, Anmol come out of the cave. Rudra calls his mom and dad. Sayali says that Ritwik came in. Ritvik gets there and tells him that there was a big accident and they were inside. Rudra runs inside the cave. The debris team says they have found 2 bodies. He gives his belongings. Rudra cries on seeing his parents’ belongings. Anmol finds the prayer earring there and provokes Rudra. Rudra calls Prarthana and insists on meeting her. Prarthana comes to meet her. Rudra points a gun at Prarthana and blames her for the death of her parents. He points a gun at her. Anmol provokes her. Prarthana thinks that she is a Naagin and that her parents were anti-national. He points a gun at her. Pratha reaches there and freezes Rudra and Anmol, and before the bullet can pierce Prarthana’s forehead. She, being Shesh Naagin, asks Prarthana to erase her memory. The prayer erases the memory of her and goes with the ritual. Rudra asks Anmol what are they doing here.

Pratha tells Pratha that he has a duty for Naag Lok and tells him that he will go to Paatal Lok for Kalia Naag. Prarthana says that she will go and asks him to let her do her duty. Tradition says that the path to Patal Lok also passes through Nag Mahal, once I went to collect the nectar urn. The prayer takes the anklet.

Anmol tells Urvashi that they forgot what happened. Urvashi says Suhasini killed me and then Rudra’s parents were killed. She says it’s our turn. Anmol tells him that they have the talisman. Patali overhears them and tells them that they need Payal to make Singhika happy and they will get weapons to fight them.

Rituals and prayers reach the lake. Pratha kicks the water with his tail. Prarthana also struck the water to open the secret door of Hades.

Patali asks Anmol to accompany her to Paatal Lok. Anmol says that Rudra is worried, how to go. Patali tells Anmol that today she will meet her clan and receive Singhika’s blessings. She says then you can take payal from Pratha. She asks him to take advantage of Pratha’s feelings and get the anklet. She says that we only have one day to keep the anklet and mani in front of Singhika on the new moon night, and before that we have to go to Rasatal Lok.

Pratha tells Prarthana that she will go first and tell her about the 7 lokas, telling her that Patali belongs to Raastal loka. They go there in the form of snakes. They see the magic navel. The prayer killed him. More mongoose also come there. Prarthana thinks of handling them with magic. She drives mongoose/mongoose. They spew fire to burn the mongoose. Tradition says that they have to go to Rasatal Lok.

Patali will bring Anmol and Urvashi there. Urvashi says they were about to sell naagmani to international buyers and you brought us here. yelled Anmol. Pratha hears his voice, but ignores his doubts.

Anmol, Patali and Urvashi approach the statue of Singhika. Rituals and prayers reach Patal Lok and they bow to the sleeping Kalia Nag.

Patali tells Singhika that he has brought his share to join his clan. Rituals and prayer dances. Patali says that he will perform Singhika’s aarti and then give them weapons to kill Pratha and Prarthana and get anklets from them. She performs aarti for her.

Rituals and prayer awakened Kalia Nag. He says that the fire of my anger will burn them both. He spits fire. The custom tells the prayer that only the sound of Lord Krishna’s flute can appease his anger. He pacifies his anger by playing the flute. Kaliya Naag asks who they are. The tradition arose.

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