Naagin Season 6 22 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Pratha to enter Paatal Lok to get Amrit Kalash

Naagin Season 6 22 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema taunts Pratha that she has only 1 day to save the Amrit Kalash. Pratha quietly sits at the bus stop and cries remembering the good times she had with Rishabh. Rishabh also feels sad remembering the same and in anger breaks the photo frame of himself and Pratha. Pratha asks Rishabh to get out of her house and asks Shivji why this happened to her. A girl walks up to him and apologizes for lying to him as Rehaan had threatened to kill his mother if he did not lie. She says that she does not know who they are and has kidnapped her parents and threatens that she will stop supporting the practice or else they will kill her parents. Pratha says we girls need to show rich boys that girls are not weak and can fight for themselves, she will first save the country and then her husband and MIL.

Rishabh remembers that he had thrown Pratha out of the house and badly injured him by breaking a glass of water in his hand. Reem goes inside and seeing her bloody hand, tears her sari and ties it with her hand. She says that she has to overcome this and tries to hug him. He pushes her away and asks what is she doing, she is married and there can be no equation between them. Reem leaves sadly. Rishabh hears Renaksha shouting at Seema, walks up to them and asks what happened. Seema alleges that Pratha injured Renaksha. Rayanksh shows his injuries and says that he wanted to spend a night at Ujjain temple with his mother, when Pratha came there and said something to his mother, then injured her and took her mother away. He groans and says that he wants his mother back. Rishabh asks why Pratha would do this. Raynaksh says Pratha has problem with Seema. Seema says she will go personally and bring Chanda back. Rishabh says that he will also support her. Seema starts blackmailing her while crying and pleading that she can’t lose her best friend. Rishabh asks where is Chanda now. Reynaksh says that custom has hidden him inside the temple and has not allowed him to enter. Rishabh leaves to take Pratha. Seema smiles.

Reynaksh asks him how Rishabh will enter the temple. She says that Sheshnagin has a boon that snakes cannot harm Sheshnagin’s husband, so Rishabh will easily enter the temple. Rayanksh says Rishabh will come to know of the truth after he comes out of the temple. Seema says after that Rishabh will be killed. At the temple, Mehek sees a storm and tells Pratha that the night of justice is approaching so she needs to prepare herself. They both try to lock the temple door and ask Chanda about the location of the Amrit Kalash. Chanda reveals this in the navel of her country. Pratha says that Ujjain is in the middle of the border and goes to Rishabh’s room and instigates him against the custom. She silently pours the poison into the glass of milk and insists her to drink it. He refuses to take it. She continues to instigate him against the practice and uses her emotional torture. he drinks milk. She insists on going to the temple with him. He agreed and went to get ready. Seema thinks that Rishabh will die in 6 hours after helping her to cross the Nag Rekha and get the Amrit Kalash.

Pratha prepares to receive the nectar urn. She finds the belly button of Prithvi inside the temple and says that there are 7 lokas/samsaras, Atal, Vibhaal, Sutala, Rasatal, Talatal, Mahtal and Paatal Luk; The Amrit Kalash is in the 7th Hades and she will enter there and get the Amrit Kalash. Mehak says it is very dangerous to go there. Pratha says that she will please Shiva and requests her to enter the form of Hades as a boon. She remembers her mother and tells that she needs to do tandav/dance to please Shiva. Feeling dizzy, Rishabh along with Seema heads towards the temple in his car. Seema’s poison has started affecting his body and soon he needs to get the Amrit Kalash before he will die. The custom performs the puja and begins the tandava dance/dance. The earthquake begins. Mehak and Chanda struggle to sustain themselves on the pillars of the temple. A pillar falls on them. The earth breaks up. Pratha tries to save Chanda and Mehek. Mehek tells her not to bother about them and enter into Paatal Lok as the door is open only for 7 minutes and she needs to return with Amrit Kalash within 7 minutes otherwise she will stay with Paatal Lok forever. will be trapped inside.

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