Naagin Season 6 14th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahek marries Shesh Naag

Naagin Season 6 14th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahek marries Shesh Naag

Naagin Season 6 14th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mahek marries Shesh Naag

Naagin Season 6 Aug 14, 2022 Episode Written Update On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Mehek grabbing Nashika by the tail and knocking her down. She sees the red snake mark on the pillar and shakes it off. The door opens. Nashika looks towards the open door and says that I will go there. Mahek says that this is what she wanted. He remembers Urvashi saying that Shesh Naag knows that Nashika is very dangerous if she goes out. Mehak says that Shesh Naag will not. Urvashi says that Pratha is smart and says that if you enter Lal Manjar there is a snake mark on the pillar, if you move the pillar the door will open from inside and Nashika will come out. She asks him not to look into Nashika’s eyes even by mistake, saying that then you will turn to stone. FB ends. Mahek says that I have changed the table, now all of you will die and not me. She says that Nashika is going out. Everyone freaks out when they see Nashika. A snake lady says don’t look into her eyes, otherwise you will turn to stone. Pratha thinks that Mehek has changed the table, I have to save the snakes. Nashika knocks down the snake. She grabs Barkha and knocks him down. She catches them one by one. Pratha asks Nashika to fight Shesh Naagin. Nashika threw a pole at him. Mehak gets there and hides behind the pillar. Pratha shoots fireballs at Nashika, but she is unaffected. Mahek says that you think you will give me death, and she says that I have brought your death. Damyanti asks Shesha Naagin to stop Nashika or else she will kill Shesha Naagin. Shesh Nag says that this is the rule of Nag Lok, no one can interfere in the fight between two Naagins.

Pratha saves a snake woman when Nashika attacks her. she falls Pratha attacks Nashika and decapitates her. She says I won’t leave you, Mahek. Mahek asks her to save herself from her first and sees her holding her head in Nashika’s eyes. Practice turns to stone. Mehak says I love you so much that I made you an idol, now you will yearn for Rishabh and your son, and I will not let you die. She laughs out loud and claps her hands. It turned out to be Mehek’s dream. Everyone cheers for beheading Nashika. Shesh Nag asked Pratha if she was alright. Pratha says yes. Mehek says enough, I will finish the game and raise Nashika’s head to show it to Pratha. A snake woman comes in front of the custom and turns to stone. Pratha slaps Mehek across the face and throws Nashika’s head into the red stage.

Mehak tells Shesh Nag that he has won every round and now he has to marry her. Pratha and Shesh Naag are shocked. Mahek feels that he has foiled her dangerous plan. The custom is that today Shesh Nag should give up celibacy and marry Mehak. Shesh Nag and Mehek facing each other. The remaining snakes garland Mehak. Prata cries. Mehak garlanded Shesh Nag. Everyone applauds Shesh Naag Rani. The smell rejoiced. The rest of the snakes are shocked. Mehak says that today I have changed the history of Naag Lok, now I will become Shesh Naag Rani. Divine grace falls on Mehak from Shiva ji. Prata cries. Shesh Nag looks helpless, while Mehek is powerful. He says out of habit that you dreamed of defeating me, I am stronger than you, you wanted to kill me, now you have to save me from all danger.

Shesh arrives at Nag Pratha and tells her that she has to marry Mehak, however, she says that she will not let that happen. She says my celibacy has been cancelled. She says that Mehak has kidnapped Shraddha. Pratha says that I will go and save her. Mehak has taken the incarnation of Shesh Nag and has sent Pratha there. She says that she is now very powerful and that she too can take the incarnation of Shesh Naag. Pratha arrives at that place and sees Shraddha tied up. She releases him and tells him not to worry. She turns to see Urvashi, Rehaan, and Ritesh pointing a gun at her. Faith settles. The custom says Shraddha, I will save you, because I am the remaining snake. Shraddha turns into Mehek and laughs. She says that I have become Shesh Naag Rani and you fell into my trap. She says that I used my powers and took the incarnation of Shesh Naag. Urvashi says what do you think she will divide us and rule us. She says that you will die today. Pratha becomes a half naagin and knocks down Urvashi, Ritesh and Rehaan. Mahek catches the habit and says she sees and dies. Urvashi asks Mehak to kill him. Mehak says goodbye, my sister. She drops Pratha to the ground. Prath falls down. Mehak says that today Shesh Naag is dead, his story ends today. they laughed. Pratha is alive and smiling. Pratha turns into Shraddha, who reveals that she was aware of her plan and meets Shesh Nag. She says that she said that she didn’t send Pratha here. She says that I have come here to help Prath and that I will not let her die. Saying this she dies.

Pratha arrives there and sees Shraddha dead. She tells Mahek that she can’t kill him, but if he moves even a little bit, the power of the gun inside the ground will kill you. Urvashi says that you are also standing on the same ground and asks if you will save yourself. The custom says that I died many times, because of you you took my son and Rishabh from me. She remembers Shraddha holding the power of the weapon within the ground. She says that you will die and your evil will also die. She says that I will kill all evil today, word of all nakshatras, sun, moon and all. I will take revenge on all of you. She holds Rehaan by the tail. Rehaan asks her to leave him. Pratha tells Jai Bholenath and kills him by hitting him with his tail. Urvashi, Mahek and Ritesh are shocked. Pratha takes Ritesh down and then kills him and then kills him. Mehak and Urvashi are shocked. After this, Pratha grabbed Urvashi by the tail. Urvashi asks Pratha to leave her and tells him that I have done wrong to you, but your heart is big and he asks Mehak to do something. The custom says that today the whole universe has come to take revenge, today Shesh Nag has come to kill you. Mehak asks Pratha to stop and says that you can’t kill Urvashi as she knows secrets with me. She says that her daughter is alive. Pratha gets excited. Mehak says I didn’t kill his daughter in the hospital. A FB is shown, Mehak sees Pratha’s daughter and says that she is like Pratha. She says that you will never know this secret, I will not let you go and if you kill Urvashi, you will never know her. She says that her daughter is a combination of Rishabh and you, I told the doctor to lie, that her daughter is dead because I know that one day she will be useful to me, and that day came today. Pratha asks them to tell him where her daughter is. Mehak says that I have melted seeing your tears, I will tell you. She laughs.

They took him to the cave. Pratha says Rishabh today and my love will be remembered. Hearing the child cry, she runs into the cave. Mehak and Urvashi follow him. Pratha cannot find the boy and his voice suddenly stops. She looks for the boy. She asks Mehak, where is my baby? You said you would introduce me to my daughter. Mehak asks what do you think I will give your daughter so easily. Then the rope (the flower net) falls on her and she moans in pain. Urvashi and Mehek leave. Pratha says Mehek, you have done wrong, you must have been cursed by a mother, and just as I long for my daughter, you will long for pain. She prays to Shiva and asks him why he wrote death to her when he found out about his daughter. She says where my daughter is and in what condition. She says Rishabh, our daughter is alive. She feels bad.

Jang tells Mehak and Urvashi that the time has come to destroy India, tomorrow is the 75th Independence Day and we have to do something big. He says that tomorrow there is a big meeting of ministers in Kedarnath. He says that the 75th festival of India will be celebrated and plans will be made for the future.

Pratha is still caught in the trap and says Shiva ji you have chosen me for Shesh Naagin, I have killed Asuras please save me from this poisonous trap, I have to live and I cannot leave my daughter alone with them. She faints and falls.

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Update Credits: H Hassan

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