Naagin Season 6 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: – News

Naagin Season 6 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: – News

Naagin Season 6 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update: – News

Naagin Season 6 Sep 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Pratha in which Anmol turns into a snake and fights a tiger to save a woman. Everyone is stunned at the sight. Pratha wakes up and it was his imagination. He sees that Rishabh and Anmol are standing and laugh at her. Rishabh says that you have been dreaming and screaming for 30 minutes. Pratha thinks it’s good that I didn’t tell Rishabh about my truth. He says that today is Anmol’s birthday. Anmol says that we will hire an event manager to organize my birthday. Rishabh says no, your mother will take care of herself. She says that my daughter lives in Delhi and she comes here sometimes. He says that she will make all the arrangements. Rishabh tells Anmol that Pratha is obsessed with him. Anmol walks away laughing. Pratha tells Rishabh that she is obsessed with Anmol and that every time she gets a call, she listens.

Later Anmol celebrated his birthday with his family. Pratha asks him to light the candle and cut the cake. Later Anmol goes to look for his cell phone and thinks that he has not called. She sees the snake and cries. Everybody comes there. Anmol says that she saw a big snake. Rishabh says that they cannot see the snake. Tradition says that there is no snake. They all go out. Pratha leaves the house. Firishta arrives there and asks him to welcome her daughter and do Shesh Naagin in front of Lal Chand. He says that Takshak is also coming, Shesh Nag took 100 years of samadhi and that is why I have come to call you. Pratha says that I haven’t used the powers for a long time. They say snakes don’t age, you wear glasses to age. She refuses to go there and refuses to turn her daughter into Naagin. He says you have to do it. she refuses. Pratha walks in and tells Anmol that there was no snake. Anmol says that if the snake had bitten you then you would not have taken any stick with you. Pratha thinks it is Shesh Naagin and the snakes greet her. She thinks that her daughter will not become Shesh Naagin.

The teacher got off the bus with his daughter. He comes to the tea shop with her daughter and celebrates her birthday with her. Then a female snake screams. The professor’s daughter, Prarthana, arrives there and tries to save the boy. Her eyes turn crooked. She takes the boy’s hand and he hugs her. The snake saw him and bowed its head in front of him. She is the face of Pratha. The professor is stunned and he thinks that whatever I am seeing may not be true. He comes to Prarthana and asks if she is alright. He says that she is fine from top to bottom and stutters. The woman blesses the prayer. Pratha asks Anmol to talk to his friends. Anmol says why you called my mother’s phone. Pratha says you won’t answer anyone’s phone. Anmol speaks to them and ends the call. She says I don’t like Rudra, he should have proposed but he still hasn’t wished me happy birthday. She says that she should be busy with the news channel. Pratha says that she will call you and says that she likes him. Rishabh listens to her and tells Pratha that Rudra is not going to propose to Anmol, she says that my weapon is ready, if he does something. She says that we too have gone through the same phase.
She says that Anmol loves Rudra so much that he turns down everyone’s calls so he can take Rudra’s calls. Rishab says this is crazy. He asks her why she doesn’t age and her skin is wrinkle free. Pratha says I have glasses. Rishabh says but you can catch me eating laddoos even if I’m not wearing glasses. Pratha says that you are getting romantic Rishabh when Anmol is waiting to receive a proposal from Rudra.

Pratha enters the room and thinks that no one will know that she is Shesh Naagin and that she cannot age. She says that people will always think that she is an ordinary person. Rishabh calls her and she leaves. She says I called everyone and asked them to come home. Anmol asks Rishabh to keep the phone free of hers so that Rudra can call him. Rishabh says I will give, if she calls you. It’s priceless. Rishabh says I will see how she calls me.

The teacher and Prarthana are at his house. Prarthana sweeps the ground. The teacher asked him to have some tea. She asks why we changed here. She says that we were in the same city, and we came here for your education. She says that I was once a teacher here and earned a lot. She asks why did we change then? She says that we had a great welcome here, and she says that the snake bows its head in front of me as if I owned it, she stutters and speaks. The teacher asked her not to do this again. She says that it is good that we have changed here as there are good possibilities for journalism. She says that she will only show true news on her channel. He asks her not to touch him. She asks what is important in this? She only says some important papers. She is in the room and thinks to find out about the attack on Indian. Who do you think he is the enemy? She thinks that the first death occurred 20 days ago and the second death occurred 5 days ago and she guesses that the third murder will occur today. She thinks why she couldn’t understand the reason behind the murders.

Pragya knocked on the door. He goes out and takes aarti and prasad from her. She works with problems. He says what do you want? She says that in Gorakhpur you were locked in the room and here you are doing the same. She says that she cleaned the place and also went to the temple. He asks her if she wants him to sweep the floor. She says that she wants out. She says that she will take it.

Anmol waits for Rudra at the party. Rishabh says that he won’t come because he likes his work. Rishabh says that the defense minister will come here. He says that he wants to give all the happiness in the world to his daughter. The custom says our daughter. The professor and Prarthana arrive at a store. The teacher thinks that she is giving up all things cheap. She then sees a temple and takes off her shoe and prays with her hands together.

He puts his shoes back on. The teacher buys a pen from a man who is selling something. He gives away the prayer and says that I want to give you happiness for life, but he takes it now. A boy talks to Rishabh on duty and tells her that he will come on her birthday. A florist then asks the man to buy flowers. He asks her to leave. Then they see vultures flying in the sky. Seeing the vultures, people panic and run away. The teacher thinks there is no forest here, so why are they here? Prarthana asks what is this?

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