Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Feb 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Urmila telling Golden that she can get anything by being Devrath Raichand’s sister-in-law. Bimla reaches there and says that the jewelry for Vidhi comes from her in-laws house. Urmila checks it and says that he is very expensive 20-25 lakh each. Bimla is sad and leaves from there. Vidhi stops him and asks what is he holding in her hand. Bimla says that he brought it from his savings and says that he now has so many jewels that he doesn’t need them now. Vidhi says that you must have bought it by sacrificing your wants and needs. She says that she will definitely wear it for her marriage. Divya clicks on the photo of her. Dev and Vidhi prepare for the wedding. Abhimanyu tells Dev that he looks handsome, but something is missing. Satyavati comes there and says my son looks handsome and applies kajal below his ear. Golden tells Vidhi that she doesn’t look like old Vidhi. Urmila says that she will now become Mrs. Raichand. She says that they will leave Vidhi with Bimala and Hariprasad. Priya approaches Dev and makes her wear a long necklace and tells her that you look like Raichand now. She says that you look very beautiful now.

Bimala and Hariprasad get emotional seeing Vidhi in the bridal couple. Hariprasad says that I never thought you would look like an angel. Bimla says that today this angel will leave us. Vidhi hugs him. Hariprasad says that Raichand Bahu’s makeup is complete. Vidhi says that Sharma’s makeup remains. He takes out bangles, which Hariprasad and Bimla make him wear. Hariprasad says you have always made us proud, I am sure you will always make us proud. He asks her to always be happy in her in-laws’ house, since their happiness lies in her happiness. Bimla applies kajal behind her ear. Vidhi receives blessings from Milapani Devi. Bimala makes Vidhi wear the bracelet she keeps in front of Milapani Devi and prays to her to bless her daughter forever.

Pandit ji asks Priya to apply kajal to Dev. Priya applies kajal on her eyes. Pandit ji asks Mausa ji to tie the string/bracelet. Warts stick together. Urmila tells Bimla that she has the right to tie her bracelet properly. She ties the bracelet/thread on Vidhi’s hand.

Chitra watches Dev’s music video and sees him dancing on her mobile. She gets emotional and her eyes fill with tears. Pandit ji says that now the aarti of the groom will start. Dev says mother. Satyavati says that I am doing this for my happiness and that is why my sister and brother in law will perform aarti. Aunty ji performs Dev aarti with her husband. The guests come there, some dancers come there and start dancing with the band. Priya brings Sehra. Pandit ji asks him to call her sister. Auntie ji says that she didn’t call him. Priya questions who called the dancers. Satyavati says that they come on happy occasions. Chitra in ghunghat reaches there and dances holding hands with Priya. Satyavati thanks you for coming. She asks Dev to seek her blessings. They give them money and gifts. Satyavati asked him to pray for Dev. Satyavati sees Mr. Mathur and takes Dev with her. She still hasn’t given him the gift. The servant comes to give gifts to Chitra and others. Chitra goes to Dev’s room. Dev notices her and goes after her.

Bimla approaches Divya and asks why you lied. She says that we don’t expect such a thing from you. Dev asks who you are. She says you can’t go into this room like this. She walks holding Sehra in her hand. Dev watches. He sees Chitra and hugs her.

Divya asks what happened maasi, everything is fine. Bimla says you didn’t tell your mother you were coming here. She says that Yamini found out from your plane ticket. Divya asks him to rest. Bimla says you shouldn’t have done this. Divya took out her cell phone and sent a text message to her mother. She says that I can attend the wedding now. She says fine, I’ll go. Chitra tells Dev that she has come here leaving everything to fulfill her promise that she will marry him. Dev is very happy. Chitra asks him not to tell anyone. Bimla says that you will attend the wedding and help me. She says that you did wrong with your mother. Divya says that she won’t do this again.

Chitra links Sehra to Dev and asks him to take care of her, saying that she will leave. Kalumal reaches Bimla’s house. Bimala tells him that she never had a brother, but she always considered him as her brother. She asks if she will take Vidhi to the mandap. Kalumal gets happy. Aunty ji says that the Sehra ceremony is left. Dev arrives there dressed in Sehra. Satyavati asks if he tied it up himself. Dev says why would he tie, when I have a sister. He asks her not to ask anything. They van Vidhi imagines Dev, but he is not there. Seema asks Vidhi not to watch the procession as Urmila says that watching the procession is inauspicious. Dev arrives there in his car as everyone arrives dancing. Hariprasad, Bimala and others welcome you. Bimla performs Dev’s aarti. Urmila reminds Bimla of the ritual. Bimla says that this is mapai rasam and says that we measure the height of the groom with scales. Auntie ji says that he is standing at your door, you want to measure him. Bimala says that this ritual is to make believe that the groom is happy. Mausaji jokes. Bimla completes the rituals and asks him to come inside. Seema reaches there and says to stop. Aunty ji asks if you want to marry your daughter or not, we have come here with baraat, not to joke around. She asks if we come back. Urmila says that you have to pay taxes to take the bride out of here. Seema says that she was not in demand. Urmila says that they will pull Dev’s nose and take him inside. Aunty Neeli tells Vidhi that Maa will take Dev inside by pulling her nose. Vidhi says no, it’s not okay. He opens the door and looks outside. Aunty ji asks if you want Raichand to be insulted. Priya says that this is ridiculous.

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