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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Hires Vidhi

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Dev asked Hariprasad to stop. Hariprasad says we made a mistake coming here, my daughter can’t work here. Dev accepts that there was a misunderstanding, that what happened was wrong. He signs Kanika. Kanika gets angry, but she controls her anger and says sorry. She goes. Yogesh says that I also want to apologize to you on behalf of Kanika and say that she is sorry. Dev asked them not to take it seriously and come with him. Vidhi takes the vase and asks Yogesh for forgiveness. They go to Dev’s cabin. Dev apologizes to Hariprasad and tells him that the company rule is that they work as a family and respect each other. Hariprasad asks him not to apologize. He says that sending Vidhi to work was a difficult decision for me. She couldn’t stand him like the other girls, but she felt that he would have his own identity and gain confidence. He says that now I think she cannot work here, and says that this is the sign of Milapani Devi. Dev says this is my company and I promise his daughter will have a nice and respectful work environment here. Hariprasad says that I leave my daughter trusting you, she may be wrong but one thing I can say proudly is that she will always work hard and she will be honest. He says that you are younger than me and I hope you can guide him. She says you can scold him. Dev says don’t worry, you won’t regret your decision, she will really thank me. Hariprasad says that he is fine and ready. Dev asks him to bring the box of candy and says that he brought it to the office. Hariprasad gives Dev sweets. Dev takes a piece. Hariprasad leaves. God turns to the law.

Kanika takes her revenge and says that she won’t leave this girl. Yogesh tells her not to worry and that they have to think of the big plan for her. Kanika says that she has such bad vibes that she will ruin her work. Yogesh says that he will take revenge today.

Method asks what work I have to do here. Dev asks for documents or certificates. Then he takes out the file and leaves the trademark certificate. She says that she’s sorry and leans down to take it. Dev also selects some grade sheet and says it’s a 1st class, 2nd class grade sheet. She gives the rating sheet of all the parameters. She asks for high school and intermediate report cards. She shows the grade sheet and says that she missed the first class with only 3 points and used to forget everything after going to the exam room. Dev asks if she got into the third division at graduation. She said yes. She says that she got grades in math. Vidhi says that she is good at calculations. Dev calls Rishabh and tells her that she will write off all office expenses. Rishabh says that she is fine.

Dev asks him to teach. Vidhi thanks him. Dev looks at the messages written on his hand and says those things won’t work here. Rishabh leads Vidhi to the desk in his office. She thanks him and says that she doesn’t know how to use the computer. Another employee asks how he will manage the work. The law asks for a registry, otherwise it will bring it. Rishabh says we will bring and asks peon to clean her table. She sits on the chair and places Milapani Devi’s photo on the table. She places the flower in front of Milapani Devi’s frame. She keeps the cards the children give her there. Yogesh says, as everyone can see, that a new goat and then says that a colleague comes to our office so we can welcome him. Everyone cheered for him. Vidhi also applauds. Yogesh gives Rishabh gum. The method picks up the pen by crouching down. Rishabh hands the gun/glue to the clerk, who attaches it to the Vidhi chair. The method writes ohms to the register. God comes there. They all get up. Vidhi tries to get up and sees that his dress is stuck. Kanika asks him to stand up and respect the boss.

Vidhi tells Dev that she is trapped in the chair. Dev sees everyone laughing. He hears an employee making fun of him and goes to Vidhi. He asks her to shake his hand. She hesitantly gives him her hand. Vidhi tries to get up from her by taking her hand. He pulls her hard and her dress rips due to the glue on the chair. She cries. Dev calls the cleaning staff and asks them to help him. The cleaning staff lady takes Vidhi with her. Yogesh, Kanika and others smile. Vidhi cries and tells the woman that nothing good is wrong with him, and she tries to catch him as soon as she gets the chance. She says that they insulted me in front of the office staff. Yogesh tells Dev that this girl is Jhalli and that she is not a girl, but a place of accident and discovery. Kanika says that I know you’re impressed by her honesty, but we won’t give her a chance. Yogesh says that I don’t think this girl can stay here for many days.

Vidhi says I can’t work here and will go home. She says Uncle Dev must be thinking I got stuck in the chair. The cleaning staff member tries to boost her confidence and asks her to throw her weakness away. The law is inspired by her words. Dev asks the employees to email him his suggestions. The co-worker tells Rishabh that she feels guilty for bothering him, that it’s a good thing he didn’t quit his job. Kanika approaches Vidhi and asks her to sign the membership letter. She asks if you know how to sign or will you get your dad’s sign. The method says that he knows how to sign.

Hariprasad meets someone who asks about Vidhi’s position and salary. Vidhi reads the salary amount as 30K and says sorry ma’am, I can’t do this job.

Precap: Dev asks Vidhi to take photocopies of these documents. The method takes photocopies on colored paper. Dev says legal document on colored papers. Vidhi worries.

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