Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev And Vidhi Rescue The Kids

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev And Vidhi Rescue The Kids

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev And Vidhi Rescue The Kids

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Sep 20, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Dev sends Rocky inside the factory and then asks Vidhi to go inside. Vidhi calls out to Rocky and goes inside. The thug says it’s private property and asks him to leave. Vidhi says to help me find Rocky. The bully calls Rocky. Dev motions Vidhi inside and sees the little boys at work. A boy asks the bullies to give him water. The bully asks him to drink water after eating after 30 minutes. Dev is shocked and records everything on his cell phone. He asks Vidhi to come and shows her the children’s plight. Vidya also becomes sad. Dev tells the method to go away and diverts them until he calls. He asks if you trust me. Vidhi shakes her head and leaves. She calls Rocky. The thugs ask who Rocky is. Vidhi says that Rocky is my dog. They approach him and ask him to leave. Vidhi says that he is leaving. Dev gets there and says that our dog has come here. The bully thinks something is wrong and asks the other bullies to teach them a lesson. Dev blows the whistle for Rocky. He tells Vidhi that if he had learned to whistle, he would have called Rocky. The bully freaks out when he sees Rocky’s teeth. Dev says that he supplies workers to factories on a job basis. They ask who they are? Dev says I’m his uncle and Rocky is his.

Vidhi says Rocky is my uncle hee etc. The bully asks him why he is afraid of Chakni. Dev says that he loves Rocky very much and asks him to put his hand on Rocky. Vidhi’s fear disappears and he tells Rocky that he now understands that when he barks, it means he wants to be friends with him. Dev asks him to hug her. Vidhi hugs Dev and thanks her. Dev asks her to hug Rocky. Method hugs Rocky. The bully asks Dev if he has child laborers. Dev says yes and says they need to see what they’ll do. The thugs ask them to come in. Vidhi sees Kanika’s call and turns off her phone. Yogesh and Kanika worry. Dev and Vidhi see the children in distress. rocky crust. Vidhi asks Rocky to calm down. Dev tells the thugs that the factory will be closed and tells them that he has an offer for them. He says let’s go out and talk. The children are scared. The law tells them not to be afraid. The children tell him about their situation. Vidhi says that Rocky will help us get out of here.

Dev offers to give the thugs jobs. The bully asks who you are. Dev says that he is Dev Raichand, the owner of the Raichand Group of Companies. Another thug says that if we kidnap him, we will get crores of rupees. Dev says that you are all fools and says that he is offering you jobs and that they are thinking of kidnapping her. The thug says that he will suffer a loss of 50, 60 million rupees. Dev says you said less amount. He starts beating them up. Dev asks Vidhi to beat up the thug. Punk pushes the method. Dev again asks him to hit the bully. Vidhi hit the thug with a stick. The police get there with the media, arrest the thugs. The media take their photos. Dev tells the kids that they are going to his house. The children say they are homeless. Dev says you all have a house, Balghar, you’ll stay there. The children thank him and then thank Rocky.

Dev and Vidhi return to the kindergarten. The warden sees Vidhi with Rocky. Vidhi says that she is friends with Rocky. The guard says that he doesn’t need to tie Rocky up now. Vidhi says that Rocky saved her and thanks. Dev returns after changing her clothes. He asks the caretaker to make arrangements for the factory children here. she says ok Dev tells Vidhi that they’re leaving, since she doesn’t want the kids to see it. Vidhi says that the children will be happy to meet you. Dev says that Maa doesn’t know about this and that she will feel bad if she finds out. Vidhi says that she will be proud of you and asks her to trust her mother and share it with her. She says that she will be very happy if you meet him. She says tell people about this, and get people inspired by you, it can improve a lot of lives if people open their hearts and lockers. Dev says you’re right, next time I’ll spend time with the kids.

Precap: Satyavati sees the photo of Dev and Vidhi in the newspaper. Urmila says that Vidhi’s photo appeared in the newspaper and asks Bimla to prepare for Vidhi to sit at home. Dev tells Satyavati that he wants to say something.

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