Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi and Dev’s haldi ritual

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi and Dev’s haldi ritual

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi and Dev’s haldi ritual

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Satyavati saying that Chitra might be stuck somewhere. Dev says for him to call her. Abhi says that the phone is unreachable. Satyavati says that they will start the ritual. The aunt says no, the sister will do it first. Kanika says that I’m also like her sister. He begins the ritual by applying turmeric to Dev. Vidhi also sits for haldi and Bimla applies haldi to him. Priya, Mausaji, Yogesh and Abhi also apply haldi to Dev. Dev asks Satyavati to apply turmeric to his son. Satyavati says that I told you. Dev asks him to do it. Aunty asks Dev why she insists and says that Satyavati refuses so there must be some reason. Dev is sad. Abhi reaches Vidhi’s house and says that Haldi has come from the groom’s side. Abhi asks Vidhi if he can call her bhabhi ji. Vidi smiles. Bimla and Urmila apply their turmeric, followed by Golden and Seema. Vidhi sees Hariprasad who is overwhelmed with emotions. He also applies turmeric to it. Neeli mausi reaches there and applies haldi to Vidhi. Abhi steps forward and applies his haldi, and says bhabhi ji, come home soon, brother cannot wait. He says that he has to go, since there is a function at his house. He’s leaving. Bimala washes Vidhi’s feet. The neighbors talk about Vidhi winning Kuber’s treasure and he says that he will get 5 sets and 50 dresses each costing 50,000 rupees. He says that he has won the lottery. Bimla asks Vidhi to go for a bath, she says that this turmeric cloth should be donated.

Satyavati thanks Kanika for coming and tells her that Chitra will not come. Dev listens and asks why. Aunty ji says that Chitra is making up for your mistake, what was the need to mess up your relationship with Amba. Chitra sees Dev and the photo of him, and then hears Amba sing. She goes outside and sees Amba drunk. Satyavati tells Dev that Chitra wanted to come but Amba did not allow her to come. She says that Chitra was crying seeing your letter. Dev says I know. Amba asks Chitra to apply turmeric on her and asks her to pray for Dev and her love. She says that she has haldi in Dev’s name. Dev asks Satyavati to smile. Satyavati smiles and says that when Vidhi comes here, he will bring happiness here and mend all broken relationships. Vidhi changes her clothes and takes a bath. He remembers the taunts of the neighbors and puts the turmeric dress on the side table. She leaves the house without informing anyone. Dev poses for pictures with the guests. He sees Vidhi coming there. Satyavati says that I will see it. She asks Vidhi, why did you come out of the house, it is something inauspicious. Vidhi says that he wanted to talk to Dev Sir about something important. Satyavati asks him to come inside. Vidhi and Dev go to the room. Mausi ji says that there is bad luck and teases Satyavati that Dev married the girl who came to the in-laws house after haldi and that she did not touch anyone’s feet. Vidhi asks Dev why he wants to marry her. Dev says that you are loyal, honest, selfless, etc. Vidhi says that I also want to marry you for the same reasons, but people talk bad about us. He says that this label that I have put on him as a rich girl hurts him a lot. She shows the file which states that she has no rights to Raichand’s property and will never claim any rights to his property. She says that I will marry only you and not with property and money. She asks him to sign it. Dev asks what will you do with it, will you distribute the stock of him, photo. Vidhi says that if you agree, along with my mehndi, the color of my self esteem will also be applied on my hand.

Urmila says that she doesn’t know where Vidhi has gone. Hariprasad says that he does not answer the call. Seema says that her phone is here. Vidhi apologizes to Satyavati and tells her that she came like this. Satyavati asks what is the problem? Vidhi says that he wanted to talk to Dev sir. Satyavati introduced Vidhi to her aunt. Vidhi touches her feet. Aunty ji asks Vidhi to ask her mother to spray golden water. Priya prompts the aunt. Auntie ji says that this girl will make you dance after marriage.

method returns. Urmila yells at Vidhi and asks why she went after Haldi. Vidhi says sorry I went to talk to Dev sir, until the matter is clear, I can’t marry Dev sir. Hariprasad, Bimala and others worry. Vidhi says that once I get the reply from Dev sir, I will let you know. She says sorry and walks in.

Precap: Dev comes to Vidhi’s house and applies haldi to her. He says that the marriage will happen according to your choice. He later meets a girl outside Vidhi’s house.

Update credit: H Hassan

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