Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Sends Arjun to UK To Enquire About Akash

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Sends Arjun to UK To Enquire About Akash

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Sends Arjun to UK To Enquire About Akash

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Oct 12, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Akash tells him that he and Vidhi will not be in contact with their friends, family or office colleagues.
Dev asks what is this situation? When a girl walks away from her family, she will miss them
Surely that’s why you want to talk on the phone or get in touch with them. heaven says you are
Not married, so you don’t know how family members interfere between a couple. He says
They want to establish their own values ​​and culture, and they will just talk. dev says i dont understand
East. Aakash doesn’t just say Vidhi, I won’t talk to my parents or friends either. he asks legally
It says, and it says if you agree then I’ll agree too. Bimla asks Akash’s mother to tell her. from the sky
The mother tells Bimla to let them do what they want. Arjun arrives there with Dev’s cart. sky
ask who is it? Dev says he works in my office. He takes Arjun out and asks him to leave.
London immediately. He says ask about Akash. Arjun asks if you have any doubts about him.
God says yes. Arjun says that I am glad that you are thinking about Vidhi so much and says that I hope you will.
He will attend the wedding. Dev asks him to leave. Bimla asks Hariprasad to talk to Dev. god asks
Hariprasad agreed to the compromise. Hariprasad accepts Akash’s condition. dev think i will
If something goes wrong, handle it, but I won’t let anything go wrong with you.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that it is good that everyone liked their dinner. she says that she is going to give milk
to the guests Hariprasad asks about Dev. Bimla says that Vidhi has taken milk for Dev Saheb. process
He walks into the room and thinks that he has put away milk and the room is clean. she thinks so
Mosquitoes come, and they think of burning the mosquito net. God comes there. Vidi cries. god ask
He doesn’t yell and says he’s thinking of going home and will come in the morning. process
It is said that the arrangements are not according to your level. God says that the system is good, and says that
His parents will be uptight, which he doesn’t want, and the boy’s family is here too. the method says
When you’re here, my parents are less stressed. She tells her to stay there tonight and
please said. Dev says it’s fine. Vidhi thanks him and asks him to tell her if he needs anything. God says
Your arrangement is good. Vidhi told him not to be afraid of the mouse, King Moshak. God says that I
Your Moshak will sleep in peace under the king’s rule. He receives a call from Satyavati. The ritual goes Satyavati
He asks if you need anything he can send. God says no. Satyavati asked him to help Vidhi,
They are very good people. She says I don’t want to bother you, but. Dev asks her to say.
Satyavati says that Chitra called and says that Amba is not there. Dev says she’s grown up and she will
She comes back and asks him to tell Chitra not to worry.

Dev tries to sleep and remembers Akash’s words. He wonders if Akash has a problem with himself, or if I
I am trying to force. He wonders if I am possessive of the method or protective. wake up method
And it is said that Dev Saheb agreed to stay here at my request, but why does he not understand that I

He doesn’t want to get married. He says that he agreed to marry me at his urging and he thinks he will.
Understand her feelings, otherwise she will sleep and dream about him. Dev walks over to the window.
Vidhi also goes to the window. They remember their moments. The song plays.
Akash and her family are having breakfast and expect Vidhi to cook a delicious meal just like hers.
Mother. Vidhi asks if they slept well and asks if Moshak Raj has bothered you. that indirectly
asks Dev. Akash’s father says the cat drank all the water. The law says that the cat drinks milk. darling
Let’s say we had all the milk. they laughed. The method asks about the mosquito. Akash asks if mosquitoes too
drink milk Hariprasad says good mood. The law says that sometimes people understand, but
Sometimes, even after understanding everything, they are still ignorant. Akash says that there is also a third reason,
People don’t want to react for their reasons.

Urmila, Pramod and Golden come there. Urmila tells Vidhi that she wants to talk to him. The
Vidhi looks at her with love and tells her that she had not kept any fast for her marriage, but she had always kept it.
He prayed for her to go to the UK after marriage. She asks Vidhi to talk to Dev.
Golden’s job and says that she will be your father’s support. Vidhi says that she will talk to him.
Dev tells Vidhi that no one can take her place in the office. Vidhi asks what is my place. God says
You have made a place for yourself in everyone’s hearts for your good character, but I don’t see any merit in it.
Goldfish like you, says you’re an asset and I’m going to miss you, then says you’ll miss them
He _____________ in the office. He says that he was supposed to give you one more project after an FM project, but now you will.
Holidays. Vidhi asks if you will miss me at the office. God forgave himself saying he had one
Important call to make. He walks into the room and thinks he is thinking about her instead of drinking.
him out of his mind. He wonders what the answer to the question of the law is.

Precapture: Vidhi believes there are only a few days left until the engagement. Dev prayed to Milapani Devi for the method and
It asks you not to let anything go wrong with the method. Pandit ji says marriage muhurta 3. it is after
Day. Vidhi tells Dev that he is a good teacher, but that he will listen to his heart and not the lens.

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