Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Finds Solution Hearing Vidhi’s Story

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Finds Solution Hearing Vidhi’s Story

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Finds Solution Hearing Vidhi’s Story

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Aug 11, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Dev asks Abhimanyu what he is saying. Abhimanyu asks if you don’t know what I want or do you enjoy humiliating me. Dev says this is your dream, I thought you’d be happy. Abhimanyu says that this business is never my dream, it is your dream that you see me. He says I tried to fit in the business, but was insulted at the board meeting and no one took my suggestions seriously. Dev says this wasn’t his area, but it will be his area. He says that even if you make a mistake, you will learn. Abhimanyu says that you cannot understand, you can be an obedient son, but not me.

Vidhi opens the tiffin and thinks that Maa has sent more, she may be sharing with everyone. She asks Anaya and Rishabh to try gatte ki sabzi. Anaya tries and says wow, your mother Abhinav is a cook.

Dev says it was your choice of business. Abhimanyu says that I love to cook and that cooking is not a business. He says that I don’t want to do business, and I have a passion for hand cooking, you will never understand, because you are not my real brother, but the stepbrother and stepbrother can never understand. Dave is surprised. Yogesh and Kanika look at each other. Abhimanyu steps out and stops smelling the food that Vidhi is about to eat. He asks about the material. She says that my mother has mixed lemongrass in it and asks him to taste it. She says another time. Dev comes over and calls for Abhi, but he leaves. Vidhi asks Dev if all of his family members like food and have good knowledge. She says that your mother has good taste, and I came to know that Mr. Abhimanyu also knows how to cook. She says I got to know that you know how to cook too. She gets angry and asks have you lost it? He asks her if she comes to the office to do this. He asks you who gave you the right to talk about my mother and brother. He asks why you’re wearing these clothes, asks if you’re coming as a clown, and says we have a dress code here. He says that you don’t know how to use the computer, that you don’t have skills, that you don’t improvise, that you are interfering. He asks how dare you come to my house and ask him to stay within your limits. Yogesh, Kanika and others watch. Vidi cries.

Dev sees the older brother protecting his younger brother. He remembers Abhimanyu’s words and thinks that he couldn’t get to his heart and failed. Vidhi tells Seema that this time she will be the first and that she will not fail. Seema asks what happened. You are lost after coming from the office. The law says that supply is inversely proportional to demand. Seema says that you are tense and that you will go to Balghar in the morning.

Dev arrives at Balghar in her car. A reporter follows him and calls other journalists. Dev gets out of the car. The guard opens the door. Dev asks about the kids. The watchman says that they are playing behind. Dev says that he will sit in his mother’s room for a while. Vidhi arrives there and asks the watchman where he is. Chowkidar says Rocky, he’s tied. Dev talks about the photo of his mother and says that he lost it when she was 10 years old.

Journalists are waiting outside Balghar. The reporter says that due to Raichand’s most important decision, two shares of MP Hotel collapsed. He says that this is happening because of the fight between two brothers. Priya overhears and calls out to Satyavati. The reporter states that yesterday there were reports that the Raichand Group reversed its decision and the investors suffered a loss of crores. Amba also sees and wonders what Dev is doing. The reporters tell about the brothers’ fight. Satyavati asks Abhimanyu if she had a fight with Dev.

Dev talks to her father’s photo and says that after mom left, you gave me a mother and father, and I promised to take care of them, but I’m missing my mark. He says please help me and show me some way.

A girl and a boy come to Vidhi. The boy says that someone took away Vidhi didi’s smile. They call the other children and make the method laugh. The child says that if you smile, you will definitely find some reason to smile. Dev remembers his mother saying the same thing. She hears them, but he doesn’t see the method. Vidhi asks the girl what she is doing. The girl says that the woodcutter is cutting wood. The law says that cutting down a tree is bad because it gives us air and food. The girl says that she wants to cook food at her house. The method says that she can cut dry logs and burn them for cooking.

The reporter asks if we will see a division between brothers like Kauravas and Pandavas. Priya appreciates Dev for fighting him and says that you will have a crown on your head and that I will be free. Satyavati asked him to be quiet. The reporter wants Dev’s statement.

Vidhi begins to tell the children the story of the woodcutter. Dev looks at her and thinks what is she doing here? He listens to the story. Vidhi tells that this is an old story, the story of a woodcutter who used to chop wood in the forest, once his ax slipped from his hand and fell into the river. Suddenly, a goddess appeared in front of him and in her hand is a golden axe. She asks him not to cry. Vidhi says that the woodcutter says that it is not his axe. She says that the goddess plunged into the water and found the silver axe. The woodcutter said something is wrong with this axe. The goddess entered and brought an iron axe, which pleased the woodcutter. She asks the children what lesson they take from this story. Dev thanks his father for showing her the way. Someone comes and asks the children to have food. Says Mrs. Vidhi, you are irritable, annoying and a factory of errors, but you are different, there is something special in you.

Precap: Vidhi meets Dev in Balghar. She asks what are you doing here? He asks if there is any way out. She says yes, and shows the way. They go out and walk down the street. She says that people will recognize you in the suit. Dev takes off her suit and leaves. Arrive at the office by sitting in the car. He thinks that someone can be much younger than you, but that teaches a great thing. He thanks Vidhi and leaves.

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