Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu Insults Dev

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu Insults Dev

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu Insults Dev

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Aug 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Vidhi looks at Simi. Simmi says hello. Vidhi says hello and says that I work in your father’s office. Simi says that dad’s office is in the kitchen because he loves to cook. Vidhi gets up to leave and his sari gets stuck on the chair. The servant releases the sari from him. Satyavati ties the flower in her hair and says that you came and made my day. She hopes that this flower will make her and her life flourish. Vidhi thanks her and says that she will definitely bring pickles. Dev talks to Marco’s father about him and explains his plan to get Abhimanyu involved in the business. He says that mom was always worried and says that she is happy to keep the promise she made to him. She thinks that Abhimanyu will be happy. She receives a call from Amba, but she doesn’t answer.

Later in the night, Vidhi picks up a spinning fan. Seema tells that Vidhi was at Raichand’s house, had lunch and brought something from there. She shows the flower and says I don’t know what this flower is. She says that whoever appoints him will get Rs 200. Bimla says that she had not seen such a smell on the washed utensils. Hariprasad says great people. He is fixing the lights. Vidhi says that they are rich and have good hearts. Seema says that she feels hot. Bimla asks him to think that Jagrata will wait until Prakash arrives. Hariprasad says we’ll wake him up soon. Vidhi gets a call from Kanika. Kanika says that an important paper is missing and asks where she is. Vidhi says it could have happened in the office, it could have fallen somewhere. Kanika says that she wants the newspaper as soon as possible. Vidya’s phone rings. Kanika says that he couldn’t scold her. Yogesh says that if Dev gets the false documents from the company, he imagines what will happen.

Satyavati talks to Amba and tells her that she would have been happy if she had come. Amba says that she called Dev, but he was busy. Vidhi gets worried and wonders what Dev will think. He prays to Milapani Devi and tells her that the newspaper will be in the office. Dev walks into the room. Satyavati scolds him for not answering the phone. She both says that she should be busy and says that she will surprise everyone, especially Dev. Satyavati says that I will wait for your surprise. Amba ends the call. Satyavati asks Dev to tell the truth and asks her to talk about Amy Mausi. She tells him that she has a headache and asks him to be calm, not to think. She says that I have found a way to get rid of the headache. She says that her employee Vidhi of hers came here today and my headache disappeared while talking to her. She says that she seems like she takes everyone’s pain away. Dev says that Vidhi, who just took over and says I don’t like sending employees home, says I don’t like sending Yogesh here. She asks him to rest.

Dev tells her that he has a surprise for her and that he thought to involve Abhi in the office to cook. Dev takes the paper and thinks that he can’t see anything in the dark. He asks Satyavati to give the driver to Yogesh. Vidhi arrives at the office and asks Indra if he saw the paper. Indra says no. Dev arrives at the office and asks Vidhi if he is looking at this document. Vidhi says yes, and says sorry, sir. She asks where did you get this? She tells me my house. He says Mrs. Vidhi, don’t do this again. Vidhi says it’s fine, sir.

Dev asks Yogesh and Kanika why they sent staff to their house. Kanika says that Vidhi offered to go home herself and we think you like her. God says rule is rule. Yogesh asks if we are also in the staff category. He says that he will go meet Chachi. Dev says mom will cover my ears if she turns you down. He asks her to reserve the hotel gazebo and says that they will go with Abhi. Kanika says fine.

Rishabh asks Vidhi if she is related to Dev, who had lunch there. Vidi says no. Rishabh says that we did not go to Mr Dev’s house. Abhimanyu arrives there and says good morning to everyone. Vidhi says that the house was so big that he could not see the family member. Anaya says look at Abhimanyu, brother of Dev sir. Abhimanyu goes to the conference room. Rishabh says that Dev runs the business, but our real owner was Abhimanyu.

Dev explains that Hotel Gazebo and Hotel DJ are the best luxury hotels in MP and their turnover is Rs 100 crore and the expected growth rate is 6 percent. He tells Abhimanyu that finally his dream of working in the food industry will come true, the company has decided that we will buy a chain of hotels and you will be the sole owner of the company. He says full ownership, no questions asked, you can do whatever you want. He asks you which hotel you want, if you want both, tell me. Yogesh and Kanika get upset. Dev says that it is in your interest and that you can sit in this chair, the real owner of Raichand Group of Companies, Abhimanyu Raichand, will sit in your father’s chair, which has been empty for a long time. He says that this is my dream and asks Abhimanyu to say? Anaya says it looks like Mr Dev will hand over the business to Mr Abhimanyu. Rishabh says that Abhimanyu will decline the offer.

Abhimanyu has tears in his eyes and says that I am very lucky to have a brother like you. He tells how to thank, bring me to this point, insult me. He says you can be a perfect son, but I’m not. He says that I like to cook with my own hands. He says you won’t understand because you’re not my real brother, but stepbrother and stepbrother can never think.

Precap: Vidhi tells Dev that she noticed that he cooks too. Dev scolds her and humiliates her in front of everyone. Vidi cries.

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