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Chapter 2

Manik was playing Bulleya in his guitar.

Avni, Navya, Kabir and Neel come there and smile.
Neil :- Ruby……
He confronts them.
Avni:- Wow Manik, today is a break up song.

Neil: Avni, this is not a break up song. If so, what’s the problem?

Avni: I was just asking. Has someone broken your heart?
Ruby:- Friends, chill. There is no one in this world who can enter my heart. Because I had closed all the doors.
Kabir :- Who knows?
Navya:- Kabir is right. And the lock of your heart is not so old that no one can open it.

Manik :- Really.
Everyone hums: – Really.
They laugh and play.

Avni:- Manik, have you seen the result?
Manik :- Yes.
Avani: Somebody has got 716 marks. But the exam was very difficult. I thought nobody would get above 700.
Kabir :- That’s right man. Anyone know who that genius is?
Navya :- No idea dude. I think that girl is very private. No interview given.
Neil: Maybe because he didn’t like the interview, the publicity and everything.
Manik:- Whatever you say, that girl is intelligent. Any college would be lucky to have him.

Kabir: If she is a beautiful girl, please get her admitted in our college, Lord.

Navya kills Kabir.
Navya: Are you crazy?
Kabir:- No you are mad. Mad.
Navya: What did you call me? Chief Crazy. You..
She runs after Kabir, while the rest enjoy their fight.

Nandini Periyappa approaches Linga.
Gender:- Amma Nandini Ennachu? (What happened Nandini)
Nandini: Can I ask you something?
Gender:- Yes ask me.
Nandini:- Did you also think that girls are a curse? They cannot study.

Ling smiles.
Gender:- Who told you this? Your party He is crazy, he has the ideas of the older generation.
Nandini:- She and Appa told me not to study much and get married.
Ling :- He told you.
Nandini :- Yes.
Gender :- Don’t worry. I will not allow it. Today there is no difference between boys and girls. Have you thought about college?
Nandini:- Do you know my friend Naina?
Gender :- That Delhi..
Nandini :- Yes. He sent me information about a college. And I checked it. And it is one of the best college with low fees.
Ling :- So what are you waiting for. Go apply.
Nandini:- But Appa.?
Ling:- I’ll talk to him.
Nandini:- Thanks Periyappa. Thanks a lot. I will enter my name. Bye.
Gender :- Bye.

Patti:- Enachu Nilesh. (What happened Nilesh)
Nilesh:- Annan called me. He was talking about bringing Nandini to a good college.
Pati: For what?
Nilesh: To study.
Patti:- This Linka… What did you decide?
Nilesh:- I am going to take her to xxx, Delhi college. Linganna (Linga Bhai) told me the fee is less. Hence..
Patti:- You are going to teach that girl. She is a girl, marry her.
Nilesh:- Amma, we are not in a good position already. Neeraj’s career is not in our hands. At least Nandini..
Pati:- Do anything. I will not support you.

Nandini hugs Shubha.
Nandini:- Thank you Amma. I will study hard and become a doctor.
Shubha:- I know. Do not worry. Go and meet your father.
Nandini :- Yes.
Nandini comes to Nilesh.
Nandini:- Appa… may I go?
Nilesh: Yes. Go and study diligently.
Nandini :- Thanks Appa.
She hugs everyone and bids farewell. And gets ready for her new chapter.
His life is about to change from tomorrow and he doesn’t know about it.
The screen freezes on the faces of Nandini, who is traveling and Manik, who is studying.

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