my innocent wife #riansh love

my innocent wife #riansh love

my innocent wife #riansh love

Thanks a lot guys for your love and sorry for my mistakes. well i was requested what was that post crew related to m episode so this os is based on that when vansh announced aahna his wife well a different one so read it nowlet’s start

After the conference at VR Mansion they all go to their room.

Vansh completely breaks her in Ridhima’s room.

Ridhima: Why bapa why us mein saath aisa ku hota hai am I the worst that I am not worthy of anyone’s love and care. you know na bapa i don’t do it intensely you know kabir use me intensely i don’t know i didn’t know please bapa remove it all i can’t i can’t bear this pain now please all Remember something and his panic attack begins and falls to the floor and his nose bleeds and loses consciousness.

In the Family Room: Why Brother That Blow*Die Gold Digger And The Trash Is Still In Our Gr

Vansh: Stop ishani that yaha serif is for siya now go to your room and live me alone.

After sometime everyone present for dinner expects Ridhima.

Dadi: Why didn’t Riddhima come?

Ishani : Common Dadi why do you care her that Blow*die betrayal bitten by Vansh Ishani Shut it down and eat your dinner and Dadi you don’t stress me Angre go check on Ridhima.

Angre: Yes Boss and from there it goes.

Knocked in front of the door in anger but did not answer then he called the boss

Vansh: Why did you call me in anger?

Angre: Sorry boss but sister in law is not responding

Vansh: Okay, I’m coming and everyone goes there. Ishani Blow-dye Attention Seeker and Vansh saw him and he closed his mouth.

Vansh: Knocked Riddhima I know you can beat me so open the door but no one answers and no hi door is open. Vansh says open the door damn I will break the door but then no one responds so he broke the door and saw Ridhima on the floor and her nose started bleeding and took her like a bride and took her to bed and said angry call the doctor quickly and have him gently stroke her cheek

Vansh: Ridhima open your eyes please open damn it then get angry with the doctor and tell the doctor all go out Vansh walk around here and there in front of the room again the doctor comes

Vansh: How is my wife doctor

Doctor: You are very careless Mr. Riya Shiganiya I am sorry but your wife is suffering from severe depression and her pain has increased due to weak mind and now she behaves like a five year old little girl who is hearing doctor Yes, everyone is surprised.

Vansh: How long will she get tired, Doctor

Doctor: I can’t say anything but you guys have to handle Mrs.Ris Shiganiya with love,you will love her more,she will get well sooner and go from there. Vansh says everyone leaves from here and everyone expects anger.

Vansh: I want all the CCTV footage when Kabir enters from the VR Mansion to the last. you got this.

Angre: Yes Boss and from there it goes.

Vansh goes inside the room and sees that his sweetheart is sleeping due to medicine and sit beside him and after half an hour pluck his hair softly gets angry with the footage. Seeing the footage, the blood boil descendant broke the captive in anger.

Angre: Sorry boss, in your absence, it was my duty to protect my sister-in-law crew but I failed.

Vansh: Why don’t you see the footage, yes my sweetheart has suffered because of it, but now I will make my sari mistake or never let my sweetheart go away from myself, then some voice that was coming from Siya The room and everyone is happy that Siya comes out of the coma and tells the truth that now everyone is guilty and sad.

Vansh drags Ahana out of the haveli and horribly tortures Kabir and Anupriya.

In the morning everyone is present in their room and wait for Riddhima then wake up look everyone is watching her she got scared

Ishani and Siya confront him.

Ridhima: It’s the giraffe pointing to Ishu Di Jo’s lineage and everyone is laughing.

Ishani: Gudiya he is my brother

Ridhima: That means he is my brother too, I asked Eko Bhaiya said cute Ishani is laughing and Vansh is shocked.

Vansh: No baby I am not your brother ok

Ridhima: So who are you?

Vansh: Baby I’m your friend

Ridhima: Suchi your my friend, you will play with me in an upbeat tone.

Lineage: Yes

Days pass like this, now Vansh and Ridhima we both are very close to each other.

in the morning

Lineage: Wake up baby

Ridhima: No

Vansh: Then your chocolate siya di ko dedu

Ridhima Get Up: No my chocolate was not given to anyone

Vansh: Ok now go take a bath

Ridhima: Phale my chocolate

Lineage : No Flay Shower

Ridhima: ok then you will shower me today

Vansh is shocked: No baby

Ridhima: Please Vanshu please melt the puppy’s eyes and Vansh and pick her up like a bride and go to the washroom and shower

Ridhima: Vansh is lying in the shower with clothes on Vansh said something but using Flay she removed her clothes completely and stood naked in front of her and Vansh immediately closed her eyes. Ridhima open your eyes, how can you shower me like this

Vansh: No, dear, I will give it like this and quickly complete it and dress Ridhima but suddenly Ridhima lost consciousness. Doctor comes and examines her and said that now she is completely fine and behaves as per her age and leaves from there.

Vansh comes to Ridhima and says Ridhima I know whatever I did I had to do please sweetheart don’t leave me please I can’t live without you please I beg but then something soft is felt on her lips yes Ridhima is kissing him softly and he too forgets everything and kisses her back after kissing.

Ridhima: It’s okay Vansh Manne I have forgiven you I forgive you but remember if I don’t see the girl near me, I will kill you. Vansh says no sweetheart never m koi koi nahi ko koi aapse shiva and hug him and live in peace.

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it. Comments or votes must be Krishna.

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