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Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho June 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj misses seeing Katha

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho June 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Yuvraj calling Kabir and asking him to show Bhabhi’s face. Kabir says you can meet her directly when we come to Udaipur. Katha says I’ll say hello to your family. Kabir asks Yuvraj to speak to her. Katha picks up the phone. Deepa gets the phone and runs. Dev catches Yuvraj. Deepa sees Katha and says you are so beautiful. Katha says thank you, you’re pretty too. Deepa introduces herself. Yuvraj says I’m the youngest here. Katha says I can’t hear anything. Deepa gives the phone to Manju. Manju runs from Yuvraj. Maasa says I saw so much happiness in the haveli after a long time. Manju says you both look lovely together.

Manju says Maddy and I will call you by your name. Yuvraj asks for the phone. Deepa takes the phone. uma is coming Kabir says my brother and sisters are ready to talk to their bhabhi. Uma covers Katha’s face with the ghunghat. Yuvraj doesn’t see her. The video call ends. Yuvraj calls again and asks Kabir to get him to talk to Bhabhi. Katha doesn’t understand his voice. Kabir says we’ll come home and then we’ll meet him. Yuvraj says remember the rule, yuvi first. You can’t hear yourself.

Katha says your bond with your brother is great. Kabir says yes. Yuvraj meets his friends. He says Kabir is getting married. Kabir remembers the words of the pundit. He writes the name of the bride Gatha. Yuvraj says Gatha Bhabhi, be ready for the surprise of your life. His friends remind him of Katha. Yuvraj says it’s not for me, I don’t remember, Kabir will reach Bhabhi in a few hours today, it’s her engagement. He asks her to arrange the banners. He says for me family is goblin i can do anything for them kabir is ram and i am laxman for family i am sure kabir will like this puppet show. Uma and family are on board. Uma goes to Kabir’s place and talks to him about the dowry. He says you are richer than us, you give us your daughter, tell me what can we give you, she is precious. Kabir says we just want you all to be part of the family, even my Maasa thinks so. Uma says Katha is very lucky.

Yuvraj says we will come up with a hashtag for Kabir and Gatha. His friend says Katha. Yuvraj is worried. He says her name keeps popping up in front of me. His friend is joking. Katha gets scared. Yuvraj says I was happy to win the bet. His friend says you’re so mean. Yuvraj says that anyone who supports an anxious person can do anything. His friends ask him to say that in detail.

Kabir sees Katha getting scared. He goes to calm her down. She says even he said the same thing. He asks her to vent her pain. He says tell me how did you meet him. Yuvraj tells his friends about his first meeting with Katha. He says she didn’t look at me, she thought I was a roadside Romeo, she felt guilty, I used it and took her to the ferris wheel, she came into my arms, then this diary worked wonders. Katha tells Kabir about Rahul.

Yuvraj says I did Senti stuff in the cable car and then showed my talent. Katha says the next morning I was alone in the cable car. She tells Kabir everything and cries. She says I don’t know where he went and left me alone. Yuvraj says Parachute you think how can I just think about winning a bet, a girl can be strong but her heart is like wax, make her smile, make her feel like you care about her, her Heart will melt, I did the same. Katha says he broke my trust my heart my courage everything I thought his life is empty I tried to end it but what he did to me I don’t know if I give anyone a place in my heart or not, whether i can trust someone or not, whether i can love someone or not. Kabir looks at her.

Yuvraj says Kabir will come, we will welcome Bhabhi. He counts to 3. Kabir comes with Katha. Yuvraj is shocked.

Update credit to: Amena

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