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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye June 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan calls Soumya a bipolar person

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye June 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Soumya reminiscing about how she met the witnesses and convinced them to testify on her behalf. The witnesses testify in Soumya’s favor and commend her, calling her a good mother. Goldie asks Armaan what happened, all his witnesses praise Soumya. He says that all the cases that happened were not natural, it was a conspiracy, Armaan is the mastermind. He asks to speak to Soumya. Soumya shows the panjeri laddoos sent by Sushma’s behalf. Goldie says Armaan sent this to her, if Soumya had that then Armaan would have proved her insane and won custody, giving drugs is a criminal offence, I can prove this dangerous tactic by Armaan.

Armaan says I don’t know anything about this box. Goldie says yes, your friend went to deliver this. He shows the evidence to the court. Goldie says Prisha bought the drugs and gave the box to the delivery man. Prisha says I just took my mom’s meds. Goldie asks how much you will lie. Prisha says I met the delivery man to send the package to my home there are no drugs how is it my fault these videos are an invasion of my privacy. Goldie says you can give me another case, we sent the laddoos for lab testing, there’s drugs in it, the box has Prisha’s fingerprints. He says be it anyone, one thing is common, that is Armaan. Armaan’s lawyer defends him and asks him to test the laddoos again. The judge allows him to have the tests done. Goldie says until the lab report comes keep Armaan and Prisha away from Soumya, Armaan can harm Soumya. Harsh screams enough, we didn’t harm him, we are the threatened ones. He asks how long you will be silent, Armaan, please tell the court what she did. Armaan apologizes, Soumya is bipolar, she has two personalities, one quiet and one violent, I had hidden that from everyone. Soumya says it’s a lie. He says she used to hurt me out of anger, her parents didn’t tell me. He lies about Soumya. He says I have witnesses. The judge allows him to get the witnesses. The neighbors testify against Soumya. Armaan says I can prove she’s bipolar. He opens his jacket and shows his wounds.

Soumya is shocked. Harsh says I’m a doctor, I treated Armaan, his wound was very deep, I asked him to rest, he said no, he had to be remanded in custody. Goldie says Armaan is insane, he’s making up stories, he’s putting an end to it all. Armaan says if you think this bandage is fake you can have the wounds examined. The judge asks him to calm down. Goldie asks if you know about this. Soumya says no, I don’t know how he got hurt, he’s lying. Armaan asks, did you come home, did you argue furiously. Soumya says yes. Armaan says she pushed me over the table, I got hurt, I know no one will speak for me, punish me, I’m not a good husband and good father, punish me. Sushma says no, I know the truth, don’t punish my son. The judge asks her to come up front and say.

The judge asks Soumya to undergo a psychiatric test. Goldie threatens Armaan. Prisha says he can send me to jail if the drugs are found in the report.

Update credit to: Amena

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