Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Prisha hurts Soumya’s babies

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Prisha hurts Soumya’s babies

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye June 23, 2022 Written Episode Update: Prisha hurts Soumya’s babies

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye June 23, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Soumya berating Prisha a lot and asking her to leave. She says you don’t get food and you don’t get respect where you’re not invited. She takes Prisha out of the house and says just come out. Armaan says Prisha came with me. Soumya says this is my house, my rules, you can sit in the puja if you want to go otherwise. He says mom and dad have to sit in the puja right, how will the puja go without me? She says you think I can’t do the puja without you, take this illusion from your heart, I’m fighting the custody case, I know I’m enough to raise them alone, I will give them a good education and raise them , this puja will also happen without you. She promises to be a mother and father to her babies. Your parents smile. Goldie stops Armaan and asks him to stop it now.

Armaan says I promise Soumya’s ego and your career will end. Goldie says it’s okay. Armaan says we’re not staying here. Sushma says I will finish the puja and come. Harsh says let’s go, we’ll go home and talk. He blesses the babies. Armaan, Prisha and Harsh leave. Soumya is crying. Her father says that Soumya will perform mother and father duties in the puja today. Soumya sits alone in the puja. Armaan and Prisha are on their way. She says I’m not feeling well, see you later. He takes her home. She says Soumya insulted me, I will see her today. Soumya finishes the puja and names her babies Jashan and Jahaan. Everyone clap. Sushma says beautiful names. Soumya says they are both my life and celebration too. Pandit blesses them. Armaan drinks and thinks about Soumya’s words. Soumya takes care of the babies. Malini cooks the food. Soumya receives a call. He says there’s a delivery of baby products in your name. She says no, you’re wrong. He says the gift has your name on it, you have to come down and take it. She asks Malini to take care of the children. Prisha enters the house. She drops a few things and distracts Malini. She sees the babies. She adds the chilies to the hot pan. Soumya calls the man and asks where you are. He says you were late so I came to make another delivery. Prisha creates the smoke and leaves. Soumya comes home. She screams mom. Malini is coming. She sees the smoke in the kitchen. She says thank God the babies are fine. Soumya asks why you went out when you had chilli tadka. Malini says no, I didn’t do that, something fell down and I went to look. Soumya says someone called me downstairs on a pretext, it means someone planned it all, Armaan did it.

Sushma gets Malini’s call. Malini says you are doing a mother’s duty, your son may not be a good husband and son. She tells everything. Sushima is worried. Malini says we didn’t think Armaan could stoop to this level, explain to him. Sushma goes to Armaan and asks what’s going on. He says you came to me with that knife. She says I won’t tolerate you hurting my grandkids, you don’t drag the babies into your fight. He says stop it, don’t blame me. She scolds him. She says I will stab myself if you hurt my grandchildren. He asks what happened to my babies, tell me. She tells him. He worries. He goes to meet Prisha. He holds her neck and chokes her. She asks, will you kill me, are you crazy. He says I will kill you if you try to hurt my babies, tell me am I lying. He says I did this for you. He says you have to do what I tell you, I decide, you don’t have to use your brain. Mommy comes and watches. He leaves. Mommy asks are you alright, sit down, Prisha, he’s mad, let him. Prisha coughs. She says no, he can kill Soumya for his babies. She smiles. Veena asks Soumya to sign the contract. Soumya checks and says it is written that I will only work with you for three years, I get no credit. Veena says yes, I train you and give you the money, I don’t sign a contract with anyone.

Armaan and Soumya challenge each other. She sings at the party.

Update credit to: Amena

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