Mithai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Mithai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Mithai 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Mithai Sep 22, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Mithai remembers Sid’s words of pain and cries alone. She comes to the temple and prays for Sid.

Sid is sitting alone in his room and remembers how he found out that he is married to Mithai.

in the morning. Mithai packs her bag and starts to leave the house, but Dadu stops her and asks where you are going. Mithai says I thought I’d go to the temple and pray for Sid. I’ll be back when I get my memory back. Dadu says you know Sid needs you here. Mithai remembers Sid saying that she was asking him to leave. Mithai tells Dadu that if my presence is hurting Sid, then I have to go. Dadu says where will you go? Mithai says that God is with me, so don’t worry. Dadu blesses her and looks away. Mithai is about to leave, but some thugs break into the house and kill Mithai. She falls and passes out. All the family members arrive there and ask what is going on. Pramod and Shubham go there. Sid gets there and asks what’s going on. Pramod says that it is good that everyone is here. She says this is our house now. Sid is shocked and asks Shubham if he lied to him. Shubham says yes, you won’t understand because you got everything from the family without trying anything. Sid says you’re doing this with your family? Shubham says this is not my family, you guys never agreed, so I want this business in my name now. Everyone is shocked. Sid asks how can you change so much? Pramod says that Girish used to control Shubham until now, but he has controlled his life and I am his new drummer, now no one can change his mind. Shubham says if you guys give me everything, I’ll send these thugs away. The thugs point guns at the family. Girish says that this man is ungrateful. Shubham yells at him to stop, just sign the papers and we’ll go. Sid says you can’t do this. Shubham says put everything in my name and I’ll go. He tells his goons to take action if they disagree. Sid starts beating up the thugs. Girish and Abhishek also help her. Shaurya is beating up some thugs but Shubham kills him. Girivash gets there and slaps Shubham. Mithai wakes up to see the family fighting. A thug is attacking Girish and Abhishek, Mithai goes there and tries to save them. Sid sees this and remembers. Mithai holds up a stick and Sid remembers how the same thing happened at the store. A thug is about to kill Mithai, but Sid grabs a stick and hits her. He yells how did you try to attack my wife? She’s my wife. Sweets is shocked to hear this. The police arrive there and take the thugs away. Dadu asks the inspector to arrest Shubham and Pramod. Sid reaches out to Mithai and asks if she’s okay. Mithai says I’m completely fine now, Sid hugs her. Mithai sees Shubham and tells him that she will regret doing this to her family. They say they should be punished. Shubham says forgive me if you can, I made a big mistake. Before I go, I want to apologize. The inspector takes them away.

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Update Credits: Atiba

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