Mithai 22 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadu decides to marry Subham and Mithai

Mithai 22 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadu decides to marry Subham and Mithai

Mithai 22 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadu decides to marry Subham and Mithai

Mithai 22 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Dadu is sitting alone in his room remembering everything. Geetu comes there and asks is he fine? Dadu says I feel like things are slipping out of my hands and I could not fulfill anyone else’s wish. I started this business after a lot of struggle. The flashback shows how Aarti gives her jewelry to Dadu and tells him that I know you want to open a shop so that he can take her jewelry and open it. Dadu told her that he could not take it from her but Aarti said that if we open the shop then it will only help our family, and he took her jewellery. The flashback ends. Dadu says Aarti helped me to make this business but I could not fulfill her one wish. Geetu asks what wish? Dadu says that Aarti wanted Sid and Mithai to get married. He had chosen her in childhood. I talked to Sid but he.. uncle says Sid doesn’t believe in marriage and they are different from each other. We’ll get a nice guy for dessert. Geetu says that Dadu feels responsible for her. Dadu says I want sweets to stay here and become a part of this family. Geetu says so what if Sid cannot marry her, we have Shubham and I think they are perfect for each other. Shubham needs a girl in his life who will bring happiness in his life. Dadu says it is a good idea. Geetu says I will go and talk to him. Mithai comes there and says are you discussing about Shubham’s marriage, it is good news. She gives them tea. Dadu asks why is she lame? Mithai says I bumped into Sid but he scolded me so much, he is such a bitter man. Sid comes there and he listens. Mithai says man keeps taunting me without any reason. She turns to find Sid and gets scared, she quietly leaves from there. Sid tells Dadu not to entertain this girl. Mithai wants to take Indu back but she has to stay here for treatment. Dadu says don’t worry, I have found a way for him to stay here permanently.

Mithai tries to go to her room limping but falls. Sid comes there and stares at her. He leaves from there. Mithai heaved a sigh of relief that he didn’t yell at her.

Karishma, Shubham and others are playing a board game. Uncle takes Sugham away from there. Sid comes to Keerti and asks her to give Balm to Mithai, she is disgusted. He leaves.

Shubham talks to Dadu and Chacha, and he asks is there any problem? Dadu says you are a hardworking person so I trust you with business but I want to discuss about your marriage right now. Shubham says I want to focus on my career first. Dadu says you are working on our business so don’t worry about your career. I’ve got a nice girl for you, she’s loved by our family and she’s sweet. Shubham is shocked. What does he say? Dadu says yes, his sweetness will bring happiness in your life. You will take over the business and she can keep you happy. You two are perfect for each other. Geetu says that she also wants to open her own shop so that both of you can work on business together. Dadu asks why is he silent? Geetu says we too have started from the beginning so don’t underestimate sweets. Dadu says I will bring sweets too for reading, do you like this proposal? Shubham says yes, I am fine with it. He leaves from there.

Sweet feels pain in her feet and prays to God. Mithai comes to the temple and prays to pay her debt.

Dadu tells Geetu and uncle that I will go and talk to Indu. He will be happy to hear this news.

Keerti brings balm for sweets. She screams in pain but Keerti tells her to calm down. She sprays it on his leg and says it is done. Mithai sees pain disappears from her leg and says I am completely fine now. She hugs Keerti and thanks her. Keerti says you should thank Sid, he sent. Sweets is shocked to hear this.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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