Mere Sai 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update : Rajo and Shiv Shankar decide arrive in Shirdi

Mere Sai 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update : Rajo and Shiv Shankar decide arrive in Shirdi

Mere Sai 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update : Rajo and Shiv Shankar decide arrive in Shirdi

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Baijma tells Champaklal, Sai is my son and he does no harm to anyone. Champaklal says that if a saintly person comes to you and tells you that Sai is a thief and he needs to be imprisoned then what will you do. Devki says Baizma I believe in Sau but motherhood is over and today our son is in jail Champaklal says for Sai he is there and Shiv Shankar is celebrating where justice is. Baijma says that where Sai is there is justice and truth and if his son is innocent then Sai will not allow injustice to happen. Champaklal says that Naveen has accepted the charges and now only Shiv Shankar can come and save him and it will not be impossible. Baijma says that Sai won’t let anything bad happen, he eats something. Champaklal says that I won’t until Sai fixes everything like he messed everything up. Baijma says that if you think my Sai is the reason behind your son’s problems, I’ll talk to Sai and leave.

Shiv Shankar’s son-in-law and his family come to his house, both families are Sai devotees and talk about his teachings.
Son-in-law: Naresh’s mother injured her leg and she says that she had decided that if my injury is cured, I will perform the marriage of Naresh and Rajo in Shirdi but I don’t see it happening because it is difficult Yes I can not walk. Naresh says not to worry with Sai’s blessings everything will be fine and we will go to Shirdi. Her mother says that I don’t see that, so she thanks Sai and arranges the wedding here. Shiv Shankar says that we will arrange the wedding wherever we want, we just want it to happen soon. Naresh’s father says that we also want Rajo to build his house soon.

Panditji consults Rajo’s horoscope for marriage dates. Naresh’s mother Sandhya says wait first let’s worship Sai.
Shiv Shankar tells his wife that he seems to be a great Sai devotee.

The family of Naresh and Shiv Shankar worship Sai.
Sai planting a sapling at Dwarka Mai. Sandhya feels movement in her legs and approaches everyone. Naresh and her father go to Sandhya and are glad to see her walking. Sandhya goes to Sai’s photo and thanks Sai.

Shiv Shankar’s family along with Rajo leave for Shirdi when their bullock cart gets stuck due to bad roads. Rajo’s mother gets tired of walking and tells us to rest. They all sit under a tree. Raji looks around.
The servant accidentally spills water on Shiv Shankar. Shiv Shankar scolds him for wasting water. Rajo says give me some water, I want to clean my face.
Rajo drinks water and leaves, she holds the bottle and starts running. Rajo looks at Sai, Sai asks how long will you make Rajo run. Rajo asks Sai how do you know my name? Sai says that when you come to Shirdi to get married, you are running away because you don’t want this marriage, where will you go? Rajo says I’m going to die but not this marriage, my father doesn’t love me, he wants me to marry a stranger.

Sai tells her, I won’t stop you, but you can’t run alone in the forest, come, I’ll show you the way. Rajo goes to Sai, they see Shiv Shankar looking for Rajo, Rajo hides and asks what are you doing, I don’t want to go with them. Sai says don’t hide at all, until he leaves and then we’ll move on.

Shiv worries about Shankar Rajo, his mother says don’t worry we will find him. shiv shankar what should i do she is already leaving me and she hates me too i told her just to hear one thing naresh is a good boy but rajo hates me for this he thinks i am his enemy and starts crying. Rajo sees this and feels bad.

Previous limit:
Champaklal meets Naveen, he learns how Sai asked for 4 days for Naveen.
Champaklal goes to Sai and asks what do you want, Sai says I want you to have food, and you are looking at Asha.

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