Mere Sai 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Will Kaushik have a change of heart?

Mere Sai 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Will Kaushik have a change of heart?

Mere Sai 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Will Kaushik have a change of heart?

Mere Sai 4th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Vallabh prays to God. We are worshiping you with all our heart. We face obstacles at every step, yet we do not ask for help even once. I can’t see my son scared like this. Please help me, Vitthal. The villagers have completely boycotted us! So where shall we go? Please help us, Vitthal. We have always considered our devotion as our strength. We have left our worries to you and focused on our karma. I will still do this today. Please support us. Vallabh’s mother asks Moru to pray as well. Moru folded his hands with reverence.

The government is doing Ashadhi Ekadashi Puja.

Vallabh and his family are working in his field. Then the dawn is ringing in the background.

Sai asks Baijama and Mhalsapati ji’s wife why they don’t go to the puja. Baijma says that the government has not invited people close to you for the puja. Sai says people can make a difference but God cannot. Vitthal has always been with his devotees. I am sure he will do the same today. Women are confused.

The worship is over. Pandit ji asks the government to unveil the idol. The government proudly does this. As soon as Pandit ji blows the conch, everyone joins hands with reverence. Everyone worships with their eyes closed. Everyone is surprised as soon as they open their eyes. The idol has disappeared. They all wonder where it could have gone in a second. The government thinks He starts his acting. What I feared has happened! I told you that the negative thoughts of Vallabh will disturb Vitthal and we will get punishment. The idol has disappeared! What could be a bigger sign than this? The villagers ask him how they will save themselves from Vitthal’s wrath. Sarkar suggests Vallabh to be evicted from Shirdi along with his family immediately. That will please Vitthal. The villagers agree. Santa asks Sarkar why he didn’t tell them about this plan earlier. The government says that it was not made by me but by God. How could I not say that? He asks them to bring a similar idol as before. Then I will show the villagers that as soon as I threw Vallabh out of Shirdi, the idol returned here. Then they will blindly follow whatever I say! They have agreed.

Vallabh asks Sarkar how it can be because of him. The government says that you have insulted Vitthal. We are all going to see the worst days if you continue to be here. I have decided to drive you and your family out of Shirdi immediately. Vallabh’s mother requests Sarkar but she is adamant. People call him an atheist. You have to leave Shirdi! Vallabh cries. I’ll not go anywhere. Vitthal has given this land to me. Only he can! Sarkar tells him not to take Vitthal’s name from his mouth. If you don’t understand this way then I will use force. Moru goes to Sai. Sai tells her not to worry. Everything will be fine. Sarkar asks him what will be okay and how will he fix it. The idol of Lord Vitthal has disappeared from the middle of the worship. All your arguments will not be able to turn things around this time. Sai was stunned. The villagers ask Sai to admit that Vallabh is wrong. Vallabh asked Sai for help. Sai says I cannot help you in that matter. It would be best for you to leave Shirdi. The government is surprised what the fakir is doing. There is no other option so he is changing his words. Vallabh asks Sai where will they go. We will hit the streets. please do something The government says it doesn’t matter what the fakir wants now. You were supporting him till now but are switching sides because his black magic will not work anymore. My decision is final! You all should leave Shirdi! Vallabh’s mother asks Sai how can he say such a thing. Sai apologizes to him. I also have no answer to the words of the government. What can we do if Vitthal is really angry? He requests the government to allow Vallabh to go home and take his belongings at once. Otherwise Vitthal may get angry. The government gives in. Although it will be in front of everyone. He should leave Shirdi immediately. I don’t trust him and neither do you! Sai agrees and asks Vallabh to come.

Moru asks his father to come. If Sai is asking us then we should go. You said that you should never question the master or the guru.

They reach Vallabh’s house. Sarkar asks Vallabh why bright light is coming out of his house. Sai asks Vallabh to go inside as he holds Tulsi in Vallabh’s hands. Vallabh comes in and covers his eyes for a few seconds. Vitthal’s idol is in his house on top of the brick that Sai had given him. He prays to Vitthal. He offered Tulsi to Vitthal. He calls his family members. They walk in and are pleasantly surprised. Villagers also come inside and get stunned. Vallabh tells Moru that Vitthal himself has come to meet him. Sai asks everyone if they saw the effect of Vallabh’s devotion. The villagers admit that they have made a mistake. Vitthal got angry with us and came here. Sai says that devotion and worship are important but it is not right to give up one’s responsibilities for the same. We do not go on pilgrimage ourselves. The master observes us and finds out when the devotee is a little relieved of his responsibilities. We have to understand that we will dedicate our life to God after a certain age but till then we will think about God while fulfilling our responsibilities well. Karma Yoga is 2 steps ahead of Bhakti Yoga. Santa asks Sarkar about the idol that he ordered. Sarkar goes out with his men. Sai suggests to worship there together. Everyone readily agrees.

Ganu ended the discourse. Sakharam and the villagers give sweet smiles. Ganu sings bhajans. Kaushik seems impressed by the story while the other 3 brothers are not interested at all. One can see the change on Sakharam Kaushik’s face.

Precap: A girl falls while dancing and cries. She asks Sai if she won’t find her happiness again. Sai starts walking with his crutches. She asks him about it. Sai says that the outcome depends on the intention.

Update Credits: Pooja

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