Mere Sai 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: What have we inherited from our elders?

Mere Sai 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: What have we inherited from our elders?

Mere Sai 23 March 2022 Written Episode Update: What have we inherited from our elders?

Mere Sai 23 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone has gathered for the discourse. Das Ganu says that we are in Kali Yuga, so it appears that evil is now conquering good more often. Should we accept evil? Anshuman says yes. The person who chooses evil will win so it is right to do so. Ganu says that Moreshwar used to think so. Anshuman is confused. Ganu told that he was an inspector who was transferred to Shirdi.

A few years ago:
A man asks Sai to come with him to someone’s house. he agrees.

A man watches while his men throw the belongings of a person (Rao ji) out of his house. Rao ji begs for mercy but the moneylender is relentless. Moreshwar comes there with some constables. Rao ji requests him to do justice. Where will we stay if the house breaks down? Moreshwar agrees. Live in a palace! He laughs. Rao ji requests them not to do so. Our safety is your responsibility. He kneels before Moreshwar who kills him. Sai catches Rao ji in time. He tells Moreshwar not to ask so many curses from the poor that you cannot bear to repay in future. Remember that these curses are far more powerful. Moreshwar tells Sai that this is Kali Yuga. Those who do well become fools! Evil wins in Kali Yuga. This is what I have learned from my life. Sai disagrees but Moreshwar is adamant. Check it out yourself. Sai sees the moneylender and then leaves with the couple.

Sai asks Baijama if it would be okay if Rao ji and his wife stay here for some time. Baijma immediately agrees. I have learned the true meaning of life from you. Must help others. This house belongs to us. We believe that whatever we have belongs to Sai. Rao ji’s wife thanked him. Rao ji thank you Sai. We lost one house but then we got another because of you. His wife says we must have done some good in past life that we got all of you support.

Moreshwar comes home and calls his wife. Keep this money in the safe. He hears her prayer and looks furious.

Ganu says that Moreshwar was not an atheist, but believes that God pays us handsomely for our good deeds. He believed in God but he never really understood God.

A few years ago:
Moreshwar closed the temple door from outside. Narmada requested him to open the door. I swear you’ll never see this door open again. Please forgive me. He gives. I have told you many times not to do this in front of my eyes. Your Lord has just told me that those who do good in Kali Yuga will have to bear the brunt of it. What’s the point of being good then? Narmada’s reason is that she worries for him because of her job. This is the reason why I chant Maha Mrityunjaya. He tells her that it will do him no good. I know there are many people in Shirdi who think badly of me and want me to get hurt. He thinks of Sai’s words. Remember well that you win by being smart. I have seen many people serving God. They pray to God. Theft happens in their house too! Nice people get fooled easily while smart people like me thrive. For this I need neither your prayers nor Sai’s lectures!

Sai tells Baijama to ask Tatya to send a message to Nanasaheb. Ask him to come as soon as possible. What happened to Rao ji was not right. We understand it but those who are responsible for it should also understand it.

Rukmani tells Keshav that her Baba offers Prasad every year on Vaishakh Purnima. He’s out of town so you should do it today. It doesn’t matter who offers it. Qualities of a person help your family members. Keshav asks about the sins. She says I don’t know much but Sai once told me that we should focus on doing good deeds so that it will overshadow the sins. They are sorry that this should not happen because this family is continuously committing sins. She suggests him to talk to Sai once on this matter. he agrees. I will also offer Prasad. They hear Sai’s voice. Rukmani tells Keshav that Sai has come several times in the past whenever he was harassed. You are upset today. Go and meet him. Keshav pointed.

Sai today asks for money in alms. I am collecting donations. Keshav gives it to her. what is this for? Sai asks her to come with him. We will talk along the way because we have to finish our work as soon as possible. Keshav goes with Sai. Sai shared what Nanasaheb had told him. People are waiting for help. He has gone to discuss the matter with senior officials. Hope some food and water will be arranged for them at the earliest. However it will take time so I was thinking of arranging some help for them. We can go from house to house. Keshav agrees. Sai says you do good deeds and think good. Then why are you so upset? Keshav shares his dilemma with Sai. People say that you inherit sins and virtues from your elders. Will I have to bear the brunt of my father’s sins? Sai calls it a serious matter. We will discuss-this later. Will you help me with this? Keshav pointed. They take donations from a person named Prateek. Sai asks a person if this is the place from where he used to buy fruits. The man shakes his head. Prateek’s father was a wonderful person and so is Prateek. That’s why I keep buying fruits from him. Sai and Keshav leave. Sai repeats this to Keshav who is still worried about inheriting the consequences of his father’s sins.

They meet Rihanna next. Sai asks Rihanna if she always buys vegetables from Mukesh. She shakes her head. Sai says you used to buy them from the market. Rihanna shared that Mukesh’s father used to cheat a bit in terms of calculations but Mukesh parted ways. That’s why we all now take vegetables from him. Sai smiles. He leaves with Keshav. Sai tells Keshav that our good deeds can easily outweigh the burden of the consequences of bad deeds done by our elders. Keshav regrets that he could not arrange the money or time which he was planning to donate to the needy in the recent past. Sai tells him that Ram ji has given you a chance. Keshav gets confused. Sai asks him to collect donations from the house in front. Keshav leaves.

Sai asks Gangaram about the drought-hit village. Gangaram asks him how he knows about it. Sai says you are misunderstanding it. I am collecting alms for them. will you help? Gangaram refused. I don’t have time for such things. Go and ask for money somewhere else! off he goes. I worried for a moment what would happen if he found out! Sai gets upset.

Keshav gives the donation to Sai who tells him to keep all this at Baijama’s house. He goes somewhere quickly.

Moreshwar asks a potter to give him 2 utensils. The potter gives them and asks for money in return. This upsets Moreshwar. Don’t you know who I am? The potter gives the reason that it is the cost of the pots. Moreshwar decided to make him pay for it. He breaks all the utensils. The potter tries to stop him but in vain. Moreshwar defeated them too. Don’t dare to ask me for money again or else I will break your hands too! He slaps the potter and pushes him aside. Man cries in a corner. Moreshwar left. Seeing the potter like this, Sai gets pained.

Precap: A man tells Moreshwar and Gangaram that the government has agreed to provide resources and allowances to the drought-affected village. Moreshwar asks him what he should do in this matter. The man tells her to make sure that the dacoits do their job. Moreshwar agrees. Later, Moreshwar is going somewhere when he suddenly feels pain in his leg. Sai offers to help.

Update Credits: Pooja

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