Mere Sai 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update : Mehshilal and Vishwa learn from their mistakes

Mere Sai 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update : Mehshilal and Vishwa learn from their mistakes

Mere Sai 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update : Mehshilal and Vishwa learn from their mistakes

Mere Sai Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Sai tells Mehshilal, I hope you understand that money can’t buy everything and asks the poor family to sit inside and he will fix the food. Baijma tells Sai, let me cook. Vishwa goes to Sai and tells him that he told me to come at this time tomorrow and he will fix my hand. Sai says Vishwa you are a cook, Vishwa says how do you know I am a cook but yes I was a cook before and I was a chef in my village and I used to cook delicious bhandara and I was very famous but after an accident I lost. I got out of hand. and my work Sai says that today is your chance to show your cooking skills again, there are only few people you can cook for. Vishwa says I can’t. Sai says to at least try.

Vishwa agrees and tries to cook with one hand. Baijma says Sai, the world is fighting, let’s help, Sai says no, she will do her job. Vishwa goes to Sai and tells him that I can’t do it with one hand. Sai asks Vishwa to come in and see who she would be cooking for.
Vishwa comes in and sees the family and says that I will cook for them, I understood everything.

Vishwa comes back and starts cooking, everyone around him gets confused. Sai sees Vishwa’s hand and is able to use it again. Vishwa very happy Thank you Sai. Sai tells Vishwa that you and Mahsheelal still don’t fully understand each other. Mehshilal says that I did not understand anything.
Vishwa tells his story that he was doing very well and he was getting paid by Panditji and this family lived near the temple and used to eat in the temple…
(A man tells Vishwa that he cooks such good food that he should not give free food to beggars. Vishwa tells him that bhandara is free. The man says that my dhaba is not good because of this bhandara, I will give you Pay, you start to sell me food. Vishwa agrees and refuses to feed the poor in the bhandara. They beg him not to but Vishwa in his pride rejects them and says that only travelers can get food from the shop. A boy begs to sell me food. Vishwa, but Vishwa pushes him out.

Vishwa earns a lot by selling food to Dhaba and craves for more. He begins to ask his men to work harder to earn more money, but a heavy tiffin falls on his hand and injures his hand, and when Panditji finds out what he has done to the poor, he is fired.
Vishwa says that my greed has led me to this situation. Sai says that Vishwa God always tries to teach us, if you had not forgotten your purpose then you would not have faced any difficulties, seeing these poor people you understood your mistake and remembered your purpose then God returned your hand and now ask again. by Panditji’s pardon he will give it to you, he goes back to work. World thank you Sai.

Sai asks Mehshilal if he has learned anything, and he says that you made bhandara to advertise your store and you forgot that the purpose of bhandara is to serve people, you thought rich people in my contacts would increase your network. And you became blind to all things, instead. focus on honesty and Bhagyavati, you never stopped Mahshilal or asked him to change his views. Mehshilal and Bhagwati understand the mistake of him. Mehshilal breaks Bhandara’s board and burns it.

Nexy day, everyone works together and cooks bhandara for everyone. Mehshilal participates with others.

Sai explains to everyone how important it is to serve others and not be greedy and asks everyone to give up greed and serve people as it is our responsibility as human beings and not for profit.

Pre Cap: A couple tells Sai how Naveen is falsely implicated in a robbery case.
Sai tells them that Naveen will have to surrender to the police.

Update Credits: Tanya

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