Mere Sai 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update : Bapu Saheb learns Kulkarni’s truth

Mere Sai 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update : Bapu Saheb learns Kulkarni’s truth

Mere Sai 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update : Bapu Saheb learns Kulkarni’s truth

Mere Sai Oct 11, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Dhaniram asks if Sai is thinking wrong about the future. Sai asks her to come with me and asks why these trees are so green. Dhaniram says that I give him water every day. Sai says to do one thing now, stop watering them because we get drafty in summer so save that water. Dhaniram says that it is summer, this tree will dry up. Sai says that when you understand it then why don’t you apply it in your life and if you keep saving money unnecessarily you will ruin your present and relationship with your wife and child, you will be happy and worry, forget about it, you will have a good future, Karthik will earn a lot and have a good family. Dhaniram says that you are right, but you keep saying that time changes and if I spend money and then I don’t leave anything, can you promise me that nothing bad will happen? Sai says that the greatest truth is that we get what we sow, if you are creating problems, you will have more problems and sorrows, live happily with your family.
Dhaniram says Sai I am doing what is good for my family, Sai says it looks like you drowned but don’t worry God teaches everyone and you will learn soon too. Dhaniram thinks that Sai did not promise me and therefore what I am doing is correct.

All in worship of the earth. Baijma asked Bapu Saheb why he invited everyone here. Bapu Saheb says for Sai to come and then he will tell everyone, Sai says I am here and goes inside. Bapu Saheb tells Sai that he wants to build an ashram in Aai’s name to serve the poor. Tatya says that it is very good. Bapu Saheb says and I want Sai to do Bhoomi Pujan. Sai says but he will require a lot of money, have you seen everything? Bapu Saheb says yes, I am doing it with my friend Kulkarni Sarkar, he will join us soon and we will start Bhoomi Pujan. Everyone finds this confusing. Patil asks when Kulkarni is coming. Bapu Saheb says that he should be here soon and tells how he met Kulkarni in the wada and how he also believes in Sai. Baijma says you are wrong, Kulkarni is not a Sai devotee, he hates Sai.

Baijma tells Bapu Saheb how Kulkarni is trying to get Sai out of Shirdi. Patil tells Bapu Saheb how Kulkarni harassed the poor in the village and asks if he gave her money. Bapu sahib does say ₹25,000. Bapu Saheb says that he cannot trick me like that. Neera says Sai you told me to be alert but Kulkarni tricked us. Tell Bapu Saheb, take this as an opportunity to learn something important, mistakes make you wise. Bapu sahib left angry. Neera follows him.

Baijma asked Sai, he should know this will happen, why didn’t he stop Bapu Saheb? Sai says mistakes happen and if I tell everything, how will anyone win? Bapu sahib is also learning to live without his mother, so he will have to face the struggle. Patil says but his money. Sai says changes happen and don’t worry bapu sahib has his mother’s blessing and bapu sahib got used to donating without checking so it was going to happen and once bapu sahib learned the lesson from him everything will be right.

Kulkarni tells Bapu sahib that his money was stolen yesterday. Bapu Saheb says that everyone told me how deceitful you are, you lied to me. Kulkarni yells at bapu sahib and tells him not to cross the border I am the chief of this village, I dare to blame, I hate Sai for what you can do, you have no proof against me. Bapu Sahab says that all this will not help him. I will file a complaint against him. Kulkarni starts laughing and says if he has any proof and don’t forget that I am the boss here and the police do what I ask. Neera says to fear God. Kulkarni laughs at him and tells him to go ask his sai for his money, ask him why he didn’t stop him, he only knows black magic and that stone is also his black magic, otherwise it will prevent him from making this mistake. Neera thinks why this happened, I thought Sai had blessed us. Kulkarni says learn from this and stay away from people like Sai and leave Shirdi or soon you will lose everything, go away or I will kick you out. Neera and Bapu Saheb leave.

Bapu sahib picks up stones and starts crying and says why this happened, before I understood just by looking at a person’s characters but nowadays people take advantage of me. Neera says that Sai is not bad, Bapu sahib says that I know, but when I have Aai and Sai, how can I make such a big mistake? I have to talk to Sai. Neera thinks it’s because I lied about the stone. Bapu Saheb’s health deteriorates, Neera gets worried and sees that Bapu Saheb has a high fever, Neeta starts crying, goes and gives Bapu Saheb a rock and screams for help. Patil, Srikanth, Baijma running inside. They say they need a doctor, call Kulkarni. Neera says no, only Sai can save me. Patil says I’ll call Sai. Neera says everyone stay with him, I’ll call Sai and run to call Sai.

Pre Cap: Dhaniram kicks Kartik and Savitri out of the house.
Neera cries saying Sai come with me later, Bapu sahib is not okay. Sai says that this job is more important.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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