Mere Sai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Bhumi and Shiv’s first show becomes a hit

Mere Sai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Bhumi and Shiv’s first show becomes a hit

Mere Sai 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update : Bhumi and Shiv’s first show becomes a hit

Mere Sai Nov 10, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Santa Banta attacks Heera, the villagers intervene in support of Heera, saying that she still has a month and all of this will not be tolerated. Santa Banta whispers that they better go or these people will hit them hard. Santa says I’ll drop you off today and if you don’t get our money I’ll kill everyone here and leave.
The neighbors tell Heera that because of her brave decision to stand up for herself, they stood up for her. They all pray to Sai and thank him for her. Sai blesses you all. Sai tells Bhumi that if Heera had not shown confidence today, she would have lost everything, and similarly, if you stand up for what is right, everyone will support you. Bhumi says Sai, I know what I have to do today, I will tell her a story of yours as she is motivating.

Tukaram welcomes everyone to the show. Bhumi and Shiva are getting ready backstage. Some people go to Tukaram and say that we hope that this time their actors don’t run away and cancel the show and we have rotten tomatoes ready, Bhumi listens and thinks about Vaishali’s words.
Everyone likes the performance of Bhumi and Shiva. Bhumi hugs Shiva backstage. Tukaram says come out, everyone wants to meet you. Shiva and Bhumi hang out. People congratulate and praise Sai for playing Sai so well, Bhumi also tells about Shiva’s hard work. Everyone praises only the earth and Shiva withdraws. Bhumi sees her and calls out to her, he refuses and returns to the stage. Bhumi then walks up to them and tells them that it was his hard work why they didn’t stay with me. Tukaram says it was your effort and here your salary is ₹50. Bhumi says thank you for trusting us. Tukaram says that I will announce the preparations for the next show soon. Shiv gives Bhoomi money, Bhoomi says it’s our hard work. Sai says you are right, Bhumi. Bhumi tells how you got here. Sai says it was your first show, how can I miss it? Bhumi and Shiva seek Sai’s blessings. Sai says that they were together in the bad times and now they need to support each other in these happy times and also in the holidays.
Shiva asks Bhumi what Sai said, Bhumi says nothing and takes his hand.

Vaishali goes to Geetabai and says that you never supported me and I don’t want anything from this house now, Shiv sees Vaishali and goes to her and stops her. Bhumi decides to save some money for something special. Geetabai asks Shiv and Bhumi how the show was. Vaishali says look they have so many things it must be good for sure. Bhumi says okay and gives Geetabai money and says Vaishali tai, I have a present for you. Bhumi gives Geetabai the sari and shows that Shiva got the sari for her and then the bangles for Vaishali. The earth dropped him. Bhumi opens the package and sees that it is torn. Bhumi says that he is sorry that the bracelets were broken. Vaishali says that when you give by force, these things will happen, anyway I have work and I’m leaving.

Shiva tells the earth that it is fine. Geetabai says not to sadden the earth and take it back later. Bhumi tells Geetabai that Sai had come to watch the show and wants to go seek Sai’s blessings.
Bhumi sees the fruit seller and goes to get something for Sai. A boy falls and Bhumi sees an abandoned vehicle approaching him. In an attempt to save the landslides.

Pre Cap: Sai tells Bhumi that sometimes people look up to the one they see and then someone else who works just as hard can get lonely.
Vaishali says to Shiva look how hard you work but everyone praises Bhoomi no problem at least she is being praised.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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