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Meet the 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manjari learns the truth from Ram and Ragin

Meet the July 30, 2022 Written Episode Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Ram and Ragini holding Lakshmi idol. Meet them and hide behind the wall. They both cover it and go inside. Meet thinks I need to see where they take this idol. Ram and Ragini enter the house. Enter behind them says I’ve never seen so much fear and why are they taking this idol.

Manushi in her room. Kunal tries to talk to her. Manushi is angry with her. Kunal says trust me I didn’t have your mother make kheer, I swear on my dead mother. Manushi says stay away, don’t touch me. I know this because I saw you eating kheer. Kunal says you trust him more than me. Manushi says they are very special, a golden opportunity for me to take 100 crore from them. Kunal in shock. Manushi says whatever she’s going to say, I’m going to believe her, not you. Kunal says for that much money I won’t believe me either and ask what your plan is. Manushi says just wait and watch. Kunal ask, we will do 50-50. Manushi says you have to work for that too. Kunal says of course I’m willing to do anything to tell me. Manushi says use your contacts and try to arrange a baby for Manjari and quickly, we don’t have time. Kunal says if that’s why then why don’t we use this baby. Manushi says just do as I say, don’t use shortcut. Kunal asks why not this one.

Ram and Ragini in the room with idol. Ram says thank god nobody saw us. Meet outside of the room. Ragini says how bad we are, we stole idols and lied to Raj. Meetings hear everything thinks that is happening and what they are hiding. Ram gets a call from Barfi. Barfi greets them and says I’m going to bed so I thought why don’t you ask yourself first if we have to come to the ceremony or not. Ram and Ragini say yes, we have made the arrangements. Barfi says I know, I just asked for my little wish. Ram shows her idol and says here is your little wish. Meet remembers everything and thinks that now Ragini’s bracelets are from Barfi, this idol will be too. Barfi says ok I’ll come remembering I want gold and silver equal to Isha’s weight. Ram and Ragini say don’t worry, everything will happen the way you want it. Manjari slips and accidentally gets into the room. Barfi says she’s here. Manjari says what can i do because greedy people left no choice and ask ram and ragini what is this you lie to whole family even you gave your bengal and now idol. Barfi on call yells at Ragini and says I only talk to family members about marriage and she doesn’t listen at all, in reality she is unhappy because of your daughter’s happiness, she is a renter. Ragini says to Barfi, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. Barfi says I’ll see what you will choose for your daughter or her happiness. Barfi says watch your language and hangs up the call. Ragini and Ram say what that is. Manjari says if you think I’m wrong then we’ll go and tell everyone what’s happening, come on let’s go. Ragini says stop it, please don’t tell anyone anything. Manjari says do you realize if I then justify what Isha has to pay if you accept her terms you will only ruin Isha’s life she has been in a bad relationship before and I don’t want her to do that again Ahlawats . Ram says enough about who you are to tell us that you’re not even family, why should we listen to you. Manjari says okay. Meet Ahlawat who brought me here so he will listen to me, I will go and tell him everything and she will go away. Ram tells Ragini go and stop them. Ram and Ragini follow her.

Manjari knocks on his door. Meet Ahlawat wakes up says who’s knocking on the door so late. Ragini says to Manjari, wait, I’ll explain everything to you. Manjari says you are trying to understand, Isha is your daughter, you love her, so don’t throw her into the dowry trap, so she will ask for your whole life and both of you will be blackmailed your whole life. Manjari calls from outside: “You have something important to talk about. Meet Ahlawat says wait. Ram says to Manjari don’t tell him anything else I’ll tell Raj you don’t meet Manjari. Meet Ahlawat, stand up. Ram says if he finds out the truth, he’ll throw you out. Meet Ahlawat open house and ask what happened and ask Manjari to tell me what is going on. Meet Ahlawat, ask Ram and Ragini, is everything alright, something is wrong with Dad. Ram says he’s fine and says I’m asking her not to come in front of Barfi tomorrow because you two always fight so she said she’ll complain to you. Meet Ahlawat tell Manjari do what she asks and I don’t want her marriage ruined again. Manjari says I want the same too, she looks at him and thinks I wish you understand, she walks away thinking today’s situation made me calm but I swear I will save Isha. Ragini thinks, thank god she was calm.

Popat says to Manjari thank god you were calm otherwise Manjari would be out of this house tonight and your plan would be ruined. Meet says I need to speak to Meet Ahlawat but I don’t see what to do to make things right. Isha was in trouble last time and I don’t want to do it again, I don’t want her to be sad after her marriage. Popat says what about you, you are in pain too, you will lose if you try to save Isha, your child is waiting for you too. Meet says I have to do something so that we can succeed in both things, I should tell Meet Ahlawat everything, I think he will help me to save Isha because he loves her very much, he can handle the situation, I have to speak personally . Popat says we have to be quick, but how are you going to talk to her alone? Meet says God will help with this, but you have to deal with Kunal when he takes you to the adoption agency. Popat says don’t worry, I’ll take care of him. Meet thinks I have to rescue Isha tomorrow and pray to God to help her.

next morning. All busy with arrangements. Isha goes to Ram and Ragini. She hugs them both. Meet Ahlawat, call Isha. Manjari brings tea for everyone and thinks I must take meetings with Ahlawat elsewhere to tell him the truth. Manjari moves away from Ram and Ragini. Meet Ahlawat says to Isha I have something important to discuss with you. Deep is my boyfriend just like my brother and you are going to marry him so I have to call you Bhabhi. Isha laughs at his joke. Meet thinks this is the right time, I tell him everything, she goes to him. Babita walks in and asks if Raj has told anyone where he is, his car and driver aren’t here either and won’t even pick up the phone. Raj comes in with a surprise for Isha, he gives her candy. Ram says this candy is from Natthu Halwai whose store opens at 5am and each candy is ready by 7am so you were off the candy by 5am. Raj says what elders can do for their child and tells Ram you are their daddy but I am big daddy. Meet thinks I have to tell Meet Ahlawat that Ram and Ragini will give Barfi a dowry.


Update credit to: Tanaya

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