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Meet July 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Eat’s the Kheer

Meet the July 29, 2022 Written Episode Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Meet in front of her house. Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar who are looking for her. Hoshiyar tells him that she came to her house. He tells Hoshiyar that she came to her mother’s house so late. Hoshiyar says there might be another reason, I think you forgot she’s a big Manushi fan. Meet Ahlawat says she could have rang the doorbell and he remembers there is a key hidden in the pot and even she told me that if everyone is asleep during their delivery time she takes the key from the pot and enters , now you see she’ll take the key out and go in.

Meet walks up to Pot, she hears someone walking into the house, so she rings the doorbell. Manushi walks inside and imagines who could still be ours this late. Manushi Open Door says I was about to call you but now you are here so come in and they come in. Hoshiyar says it is proven that she is not Bhabhi because Manishi would be the last person Shw would have come to. Meet Ahlawat says we’re going in and then we’ll see what she’s doing here.

Manushi says to Manjari I thought of your Buaji and decided to support you. Manjari thanks her. Manushi asks, tells me what I can do. Manjari says you are famous so you must know someone from NGO or orphanage, we applied to many orphanages for popat so she can have baby if i marry, she need one year old baby to stay with her could, but the time is shorter and Meet Ahlawat also want my answer. Meet thinks she doesn’t know what’s on her mind. Manushi says I know you have less time but I will reply as soon as possible and ask you to leave. Meet start acting she has hiccups and now says either i will die or popats kadha and asks her to give kadha. Manushi ask how I will give you. Manjari tells her ingredients and asks her to make one. Manushi goes into the kitchen. Meet on foot to see her mother.

Ram, Isha and Ragini in the room. Isha rejoices in all the good things that are happening in their lives and tells them all credit to you both, she hugs them and says I will pray to God every child should have parents like you. Ragini says I will also pray to God for children like you, for parents, if their child is happy, they are happy and ask them to go to sleep for tomorrow’s event.

Hoshiyar says to Meet Ahlawat try to understand me that she is not Anubha’s daughter, one day people will hit us for our behavior, Raj is fine and in a few days Isha will get married too, then we will all about Raj tell Manjari. Meet Ahlawat says what I can’t do. Hoshiyar asks what u cant do tell raj about manjari or leave manjari when all over iver manjari will say my job here is done now i will go before someone else tell raj to tell . Meet Ahlawat Says You’re Right Before Someone Else Tells Dad About Her. I will send her far away from my family, right now she takes everyone’s love as Manjari doesn’t know she can run away like before then everyone will be hurt, the person who doesn’t think about her father and mother’s feelings, how will she feel about my family?

Ram says to Ragini, have you seen how happy our Isha looks? Ragini says yes I feel happy after seeing them but what about our load. Ram says ignore and I think everything will be fine, now we should think about our daughters happiness.

Meet in Anubha’s room, Anubha is sleeping. Meet tearfully apologizes to her and expresses how helpless she is and she knows that Anubha will recognize her the moment she sees her, but she has to stay in Manjari’s character to find her child. She removes the blanket and touches her feet. Anubha takes her name in her sleep.

Manushi brings Khada for Manjari, she looks for her, she sees her slippers and starts looking for her. Meet in Anubha’s room and eat Kheer says I brought it from the fridge. I know you always keep it covered with the same bowl. Manushi sees bowl on fridge mom tells us this bowl to cover kheer but what does it matter outside the fridge she looks in and doesn’t find the bowl. Manushi says it’s manjari, meet her must be in anubha’s room to have kheer. Manushi runs upstairs and stumbles into a flower pot. Meet eats the Kheer says it’s so delicious. Manushi walks towards the room, she opens the door, only Anubha in her room, says where is she if not here. Manushi sees Kheer on Kunal’s shirt…
I meet, hear Manushi coming upstairs, she exits the room, she sees Kunal relaxing with face mask and music, she drops Kheer on his shirt, keeps bowl near him and hides…

Manushi looks at Kunal, says I will tell him and goes to him. Manjari comes from behind says where you’ve been. Manushi asl what you did. Manjari says I went to the toilet and looked for you but I found kadha so I drank it and then saw him relax after he had kheer over here but you told me your mother used it every day for your sister cooks. Manushi says yes, she cooks every day, but doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him today. Manjari says don’t worry I will go now it’s too late and even Meet Ahlawat will doubt that I came to meet you. Manushi says and they walk away. Meet outside of Anubha’s room thinks today I meet you and even had your kheer now see I will come back to you soon with my success.

Ram and Ragini gone in the room. Ram looks at his watch. Ragini says it’s late at night, let’s go and get the idol. Ram says okay and they leave the room. Ragini first says I’m leaving, if anyone sees me I’ll say I’m going to the kitchen, and if nobody sees me I’ll signal you to come down. Manjari in front of Ahlawat’s villa says everyone will sleep now.
Ram and Ragini get our idol out of the trunk of their car.
Meet says to himself I don’t need to give Manushi much time, I need to put pressure on her so she doesn’t have time to find a child and bring my son back to me, I believe Manushi will do anything for Ahlawat’s wealth. Ram and Ragini stand with idol in their hands. Meet her with Idol. Both cover it. Meet thinks goddess lakshmi idol come out only during diwali and only raj bring it then what are you doing with it here, should i ask you but how should i ask now? I am manjari and manjari don’t know about idol.


Update credit to: Tanaya

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