Meet 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Meet finds Shagun’s phone

Meet 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Meet finds Shagun’s phone

Meet 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Meet finds Shagun’s phone

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Watching live images on your phone and suddenly your phone turned off. She meets Ishani asking what’s wrong with the WiFi. Ishani says the network is down, it’s fluctuating a lot. Ragini takes Ishani with her. Meet tries to call Inspector Bhati. Babita comes to him and tells him to let the mehndi dry and then I will return the phone to him. Milo prays to God and wishes Inspector Bhati to find a clue in Sarkar’s palace.

Gunwanti and Shagun in a room. Gunwanti helps Shagun to prepare for the ceremony and says that I am happy that even after so much drama you are marrying Manmeet and because if Mahendra hit me then why did you go there now forget everything. Go and do not repeat your mistake. The electricity goes out. Gunwanti asks Shagun to turn on the flashlight on his phone until he finds the match. Shagun tries to find his phone and remembers to drop it at Ahlawat mansion. Shagun tells Gunwanti that the drama is not over, I dropped my phone at Meet’s house. Gunwanti is shocked.

Shagun says that if he gets the call, he will see all the pictures and have a chat with Manmeet, if Manmeet finds out, he will kill me, I think we should tell him in advance that he will understand. Gunwanti says that he doesn’t need to say anything as after hearing this he can either say no to marriage or Manmeet can kill me or I remember, don’t tell anyone and pray to God that someone also doesn’t take your call.

Babita asks Ragini about all things for Meet Bidaai. Ragini sees Ishani trying to dry Meet’s mehendi with a hair dryer and tells Babita that these kids have no patience. Babita receives the red sari and she remembers Meet Ahlawat telling her about the sari and thinks that my son wants to see Meet in this sari and when Manmeet sees Meet in this sari I will feel my son’s wish come true. The sari falls open and Babita tries to hold her off the ground. Mitt sees a phone under the table as Babita grabs the sari off the floor. Meet asks Ishani to bring the phone.

Everyone dances and enjoys in the government palace. Shagun remembers slapping Manmeet hard and thinks Manmeet will have to trick me with her magic before he finds out about the phone. Manmeet is looking at Shagun. Her mehendi is complete and he goes to Manmeet and asks her to forgive her for her mistakes and shows authority from her and tells her how much she loves him. Jasodha moves to Sarkar. Shagun tells Manmeet that the mark on my cheeks is a sign of love. Manmeet gives her an ointment and asks her to apply it to make herself look beautiful. Sarkar looks at them and says that we have chosen the right girl for our son. Jasodha says that the way Mahendra has shown her place to her wife, similarly I will find her place in this house. Sarkar says that I am also waiting for the moment when you will be insulting her and I am seeing it. Jasodha says that I will insult her a lot in front of everyone and if I may, I would like to show you an example of her. The government says show me. Jasodha asked Narendra’s wife to come forward. Narendra went and sat down to watch the show. Inspector Bhati is viewing the footage on his laptop. Narendra’s wife walks around disguised as Meet. Everyone cheers for him. She acts like meat in front of everyone.

Ishani picks up the phone and goes to the meeting. She knows tell her to turn on. Ishani says that I think he’s spoiled. Mili asks who owns this phone and thinks it could be Shagun’s.

Gunwanti enters dressed as Jasodha. Everyone is excited to see it. Inspector Bhati sees the footage and calls Meet. Bhati asks if he saw the video. Meet says Wi-Fi isn’t working, did you see anything? Bhati says that you should come here and see, you were right, the government is planning something and if you are there at the show then they are joking. Meet says I’ll go there soon.

Gunwanti teases Meet and addresses her as daughter-in-law. The inspector watches the video and gets confused how she can be the daughter-in-law of Sarkar’s family.

Get up to go to the police station. Babita stops her and tells her now you can’t go out after the wedding, you can’t go out before then and asks her to sit down. Meet says I know all about customs, but the government is planning something big and I heard about it. Babita says that I can’t give you permission to go out. Raj says to let her go, she won’t keep quiet until she knows the truth and says that I think he is planning something. Raj lets meet up and says if he needs anything let me know. Meet tells Babita not to worry I will come soon, she gives the phone to Ram and tells him to fix this phone as soon as possible and take it to the police station, I want to know what is inside and leaves. She leaves.

Everyone in Sarkar Palace enjoys the drama and makes fun of Meet. Jasodha is cheering for Gunwanti’s performance. Gunwanti applies black color on her face. They all laughed. How Inspector Bhati is insulting Meat by watching the video on his phone.
He walked towards Bhati and met at the police station.

Inspector Bhati sees Manmeet and Sarkar laughing together and hugging each other.
Sarkar tells Manmeet that you are the truly eligible person to continue my throne.
Inspector Bhati says that Manmeet is Sarkar’s youngest son.

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