Meet 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sarkar introduce Manmeet as his youngest son to his family

Meet 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sarkar introduce Manmeet as his youngest son to his family

Meet 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sarkar introduce Manmeet as his youngest son to his family

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Jasodha remembers telling Babita about Shagun’s marriage. Sarkar walks towards him with a stick. Jasodha got scared. Sarkar says tell me why you went. Jasodha says that I went to get things for Shagun’s wedding. Sarkar says no, you went there to bother her, you can’t understand her mind till now that she is thinking about things.

Meet at his eom, tell him I’m missing something. Raj walks over to meet him and says that Babita had sent this dress for you to try on and tells him why are you looking upset, what happened. He knows, it is said that nothing happens in Sarkarpur without the decision of the government.

Sarkar tries to kill Jasodha with a stick but Manmeet steps in to save her. All in shock.

Manmeet says don’t try to kill women. Sarkar’s men come to kill Manmeet but Sarkar kills him and tells everyone that he is my son. Manmet smiled.

Meet Raj tells Sarkar not to do anything unnecessarily and Shagun will also get married on the same day.

Sarkar tells everyone that he is my third son Manmeet and he loves his mother very much and cannot see her in trouble. Manmeet receives Jasodha’s blessings and embraces her. Sarkar welcomes Manmeet to his palace. Manmeet received blessings by touching his feet. Sarkar should tell everyone that Chhota Sarkar is my youngest son. Jasodha reveals how a near-fatal death forced her to send Manmeet to her grandmother for 24 years on the girl’s advice. Manmeet embraces his brother. Jasodha goes to Manmeet and emotionally hugs him and starts crying.

Tell Raj, Milo, I also feel very strange after listening to you, I don’t understand what is the use of marrying Manmeet. Meet says I don’t understand what this connection is.

Manmeet says that I have to take revenge for all the sins committed by Meet and I will bring her as a one-day bride and throw her at my mother’s feet and beg her forgiveness and punish her with every breath and she will never forget that Bapu Sarkar is all her. life and all these women who want to support her will bury this thought and cheer in the name of Bapu Sarkar and if Bapu Sarkar says, I will bury the meat here too. Imarti asks Manmeet how her hand got cut, Manmeet tells her if I cut my hand how will I kill him and shows that her hand is still intact.

Bapu Sarkar says that I am very proud of my son, I wanted to take revenge on that girl but when I saw the photo of her dead husband, I was shocked to see the resemblance to Manmeet and I knew that even God wanted to punish her and I thought all over. this and she thought she would go along with it but she is a strong player and she is not fooled by any game plan and finally manmeet’s strategy worked, her guilt made her accept our plan and she is in our plan Stuck

Meet tells Raj that I am not able to digest all this. Babita walks in and says that this is because you still haven’t gotten over your past and believe me, it’s a good decision for you and Manmeet. Babita tells Chanda to try on Meet’s dress and leaves with Raj.
Chanda tells Meet, don’t think so much, Manmeet is very nice, think of him and not Sarkar, you are very lucky that you have found someone like Manmeet in Sarkarpur.

Manmeet’s sister overhears all this and decides to tell Meet the truth. Jashoda warns everyone that this news must not leave this palace and if anyone does, he will make sure they rot in hell.

Meet asks Chanda to do her a favor and set up a small camera in Sarkarpur with the help of her husband. Chanda says that I will go myself, but no one can enter or leave until Shagun’s wedding and only family members can enter Shagun’s wedding. The meat becomes more suspicious and leaves.

Manmeet tells Jashoda, now all your revenge will be complete and he will cook delicious food for you, Jashoda hugs him and says go for haldi, I will send you some with Chotu. Bapu Sarkar asks Manmeet to be careful around Meet as he is very smart. Manmeet says yes and leaves.

Manmeet sneaks in and leaves Bapu Sarkar’s house through the back door. Manmeet looks at Meet, Meet looks at Manmeet and thinks what is he doing here.


Manmeet and Meet haldi function is happening.
Manmeet asks Meet where he got lost. Meet says I wonder why Bapu Sarkar is making a close marriage for Shagun. Shagun dresses up as a ballerina and dances at the show. Manmeet sees her and tenses up.
Meet is suspicious and arrests Shagun.

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