Meet 24 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram plans against Meet

Meet 24 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram plans against Meet

Meet 24 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram plans against Meet

Meet the 24 March 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Ragini in kitchen cooking. Ram goes to her and asks what are you doing. Ragini says Meet is working hard so thought and making laddus for her and I took recipe from Anubha and remained for her. Ram says okay let me help you, I have seen Meet Ahlawat helping a lot, so thought why not help you and you haven’t told me anything till now, so we both will make laddus for him, ask this Is it for meat or anyone can eat food. Ragini says anyone can eat, one minute did you come to eat laddu, come out and ask her to leave. Meet Walk In Ask Ragini why are you pushing her out. Ragini says I was making laddus for you but he wants to eat. Meet says laddu for me, she smells it and says my grandmother cooks for my father and tries to eat. Ram says you cannot eat now, eat with everyone in the evening. Meet says I am very grateful that you got me as my family members, I am very lucky. Ram says you can praise us but you will get laddoos only in the evening. Milo says ok and go. Ram starts helping Ragini and asks her to give her a glass of water. Ragini walks around to get water and Ram mixes some white powder in it and tells himself that I don’t want meat to go to his test, so I have to add this anesthetics and he mixes it well in the batter.

Milo in her room says now I am ready for party and electricity goes out she says I should go and check fuse, she goes out of her room to check. Someone pointed a gun at his head. She asks who is it and looks up. Meet Ahlawat turned police officer and acting Bollywood actress Simmba says come with me and stand here, Singam aa raha hoga hoga. The lights turn on and Tej is seen ready as Singam. Tej met Ahlawat and they both started acting in front of him. The smart ones also ask the jailer from the early stages while acting in front of him. Meet him and laugh. Duggu acts as police officer and dances in front of him and says I am Robin Hood Pandey. Raj walks as Vijay Denanath Chauhan. Meet Ahlawat Maker wearing a cap and everyone salutes him. Rest of the family members come out and clap for him. Babita looks at everyone and leaves and starts eating. Meet Walk Two tells her if you are not happy with my decision, if you ever feel that I am not responsible as wife then you can call me. Babita says I know police job is difficult and I never have any problem with home responsibility, shanty remember there is a thin line between work and household life if you cross that line by mistake. If you do then the whole life changes, you can do anything but do not harm the happiness of our family. Meet says that if women are always on the same line then many bad guys can harm them. Babita says no one can argue with you and leaves.

Duggu is going inside. Sunaina stops him and says let’s take a selfie, she clicks the picture. Duggu tells her that I need to eat pastries and leave. Tej goes to Sunaina with Ram Lakhan. They ask Sunaina to click the picture. Tej says wait let me come and they click picture. Satsang sees Tej’s photo, isn’t it a complete family photo. Innocent listing conversation there. Sunaina says did you notice one thing that I cannot smile in this picture, if it is family then you will feel complete but not me. Tej says try to give him a chance, Ram lakhan is not this ghar ke bachche hain please one more time for me and our relationship. Sunaina says its fine only because of you. Tej thanks her and hugs her. Masoom says what will Ram Lakhan happen baby, I will not let this happen.

Ragini leaves for barbecue in search of a plate of laddus. Ram looks up and sees that the thali is with Ram, Lakhan and Duggu, he runs to them and says it is for meat not for you. Duggu says why will we eat meat, we also want to eat. Ram Lakhan says yes we also want to eat laddus. Ram says we will give but give one more and that plate to meat. Meet says, you children hijacked my laddus. They say yes. Lakhan says if you want laddus then we want in return. Meet says I have better option what if I share with you guys. Ram says no no Ragini is made out of love for you, we will give more to her. Meat says no worries they are kids. Ram says no and thinks how will I explain to them that they cannot eat this laddu and says don’t worry we will give them more laddus and ask them to eat nachos. Ragini takes laddu and says I will give her first laddu and she will eat. Meet Ahlawat says and I give another because one laddu will not do her anything, the love mixed in this laddu will make my wife stronger and give her laddoos. Meet and eat another too.

Everyone is enjoying sitting together. Meet is sleeping. Ram says I think Meet should go and rest, he has his ekam tomorrow. Meet says wait let me sit I am enjoying. Ram says no, you have to take proper rest and go to sleep. Raj says yes Ram is right, you should go and take rest. Milo says ok as you say, I go to sleep. Go meet Ram, think you cannot faint in front of everyone. Meet Ahlawat I think I should sleep too. Ram says where are you going you are always with her 24 hours, tomorrow she will go to home duty and will get used to it and asks everyone to watch our favorite movie. Everyone says yes. Ram says then let’s go to TV room.

Meet in his room. She goes to the window and sees that there is a fire in the tent. She says it is spreading, I have to stop it. Everyone is watching a movie in the TV room. Meat goes outside to stop the fire but she is sleeping, she says what is happening to me and I have to stop this fire from spreading. Meet Ahlawat in the TV room while watching his watch. Milo outside trying to put out the fire but she drops her belongings and thinks what is happening with me my head is spinning, she collapses. Meet Ahlawat with folded hands and see the heart made of Meet. Ram tells Ragini that I will come back soon and go out to watch the meat.

In the corridor Ram sees the iron rod in the store room and remembers Hawa Singh asking him to kill Meet. He walks outside and sees Milo on the floor, he was about to kill her but remembers he is her family member and recalls a conversation with Hawa Singh and says I am not murder, what am I doing? he drops the stick and says i have to do something like that you can’t test, he takes the burning stick in his hand says i’m sorry meet i don’t want you to be the officer and ruin the happiness of this family Take that burning stick to your feet. Raj calls Ram, he gets up and leaves him there.

Meet Ahlawat while repeatedly looking at your watch. Tej gestures Masoom to see Meet Ahlawat. Tej ask him what happened why are you under so much stress. Meet Ahlawat says I was thinking about meat, tomorrow is his exam so thought to go and check on him. Tej says why are you worried with such small tension, go and check it. Meet Ahlawat Get up to check on the meat. Ram comes inside and asks him where are you going. He says I will go and check meat. Ram says she must be sleeping, it has been 1 hour since she went to her room, let her be alone and start practicing being alone. Let’s go and watch the movie. Meet Ahlawat, sit and watch the movie.

Meet outside, start waking up, Rama’s stick has burnt her leg, she sees a stool with an earthen pot, she pushes it. Everyone in the TV room hears the sound of falling. Babita asks what happened. Raj says I think something fell. Meet Ahlawat get up and walk outside, he sees Milo on the floor and runs towards him. Everyone is shocked to see his condition.



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