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Meet and meet Ahlawat while talking across the room. She tells Meet Ahlawat that she will check with the drama company.

Meet at the drama company. She walks a man and says today you were doing a street play and one person was playing the role of police so where is he. Man says Jaideep has died because of road safety. Milo says what are you saying. He says he is not well because he has asthma and he is sick because of smoke, let me go I am in a hurry. Meet her stop and say where can I find her. He says look at that man with white hat he is our manager he will help.
Meet walk to manager says I want Jaideep’s address. Manager says he is dead for me, he cheated on me at last minute and yells at him and comes back on phone saying I need a new actor. Meet tells him that I want his address. Managers start the crib and leave.
Meet Jaideep and run towards him, everyone was saying that you will not come. Jaideep says why won’t I come, he asked me to cut my salary so I have to come, from last 2 months I didn’t get my salary but everyone thinks I am getting a lot of money, I am tired and sick But still work needs to be done, you will not understand and leave. Meet stops telling him i dont know about your life i understand your pain and your time is valuable but it is important for me so i need your time i just want to know that my devar noon When did he come to you? Jaideep gets a call and the makeup artist starts applying makeup on him. Jaideep shouted at him. Meet says your small help means a lot to me please tell and show him Tej’s photo. A man approaches Jaideep and disturbs Hike and leaves. Meat says please remember and tell me what he was saying. Everyone keeps harassing Jaideep and says meet I am in trouble so let me go and change me. Meet says that if you do not tell, how will you know the secret of Tej.

Smart with Duggu in drama company. Duggu asks her what is this and why are we here. Smarty says it is time to have fun and never miss to have fun, I got money from mom so we will eat something enjoy this fair and leave. Duggu says yes we will have fun.

Milo Meet Ahlawat on phone says I try to talk but got no answer, I won’t go till I get to know something.

Everyone is busy in worship at Ahlawat Haveli. Babita gets tired of Pooja. Raj says stop it and don’t be so stubborn. Sunaina brings water for him. Babita drinks it and says where is the mill. Meet Ahlawat thinks how to tell Maa Meet has got information about Tej.

Meet pray to god please don’t break our hope we want to know what tej said if i don’t get i will be in infinite crime give some hint god.

Babita says I understood that she does not have time to be in Puja with family, what was so important that she left Puja. Raj says shut up you are not fine also your BP is shooting try to calm down. Babita says they are taking advantage of our love and care, because of them Tej is in such a condition that I will never forgive them. Meet Ahlawat Try to say something. Babita says silent and says don’t try to say anything and shout at Meet Ahlawat. Raj says this is not the time to fight now we have to pray for Tej’s health.

Duggu and smart while playing ring throwing game at the fair. Dugu says what happens you cannot put even one. The fair catches fire due to oil spill and everything burns. Duggu gets lost in the crowd. Smart tried to find him. Meet the smart one and walk up to him. Meet ask him what you are doing here and take the name of Duggs. Hoshiyar says I thought of bringing Duggu here for some good time but I lost him in the crowd. Meet and the smart ones go in search of him. Doug7 hid under the car and was crying out for help. Watch a girl cry, she saves her. People try to put out the fire with water. Meet see a tanker and start using its water to douse the fire, she manages to put out the fire, everyone applauds and sees Duggu hiding under the car, she goes to him and takes him Helps you come out. Smarty sees Duggu with Meet, he runs towards him and hugs him. Meet says take her home she is traumatized. Everybody’s screaming. Meet says take him people need me here, I will come later.

Meet and run to the tent and ask everyone to bring water. The man shouts that the water is over. Meet, cover yourself with a blanket and walk inside the tent for help. She stumbles and falls, the fire pole falls in front of her, she dodges it and sees the man lying on the floor. She goes to him and says Jaideep need not panic, she helps him to get up and give asthma pump. He covered her with a blanket.

Be smart with a duggu in your hands. Everyone asks what happened? Innocent get down and ask what happened to him, you both went to the fair then what happened. Smart says meet Ahlawat, we went to the fair but suddenly the fair caught fire and met again. Masoom says Meet bhabhi was also there, you know she is a bad omen for our family, first she played with Tej and now with Duggu, what does she want. Meet tells Ahlawat to stop talking about her, she always tries to help. Masoom says yes she doesn’t do anything, everyone told her no but still played with Tej, she was not even in worship. Meet Ahlawat says stop blaming her when she comes we will know the truth. Babita asks to meet Ahlawat I know she has done a lot for us but it does not mean that we will have to face consequences because of her actions she will do whatever she wants. Masoom says Tej is already in shock because of Meet and now Duggu, I don’t want any more negativity, I will never forgive him. She holds Duggu in her hands and goes to Raj says you punished me for your daughter-in-law, now it’s time to punish her, because of her Duggu is in this condition, you can’t forgive her, He played with Tej and Duggu and put bet there. Worse now you have to punish him and get him out of the house.


Update credits: Tanaya

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