Meet 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet get’s angry on Shagun

Meet 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet get’s angry on Shagun

Meet 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet get’s angry on Shagun

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Inspector Bhati asks the policeman to take Shagun with him. Meet tells everyone not to worry about Shagun, he will take care of her. Manmeet asked Meet what did you whisper in Bhati’s ear. Meet says I told her not to be hard on her. Babita asks Manmeet to change her clothes. Manmeet says please let me go as I have to go back to pick up my wife and next time I want my wife to be well dressed and with a smile on her face. She asks permission to go out. Manmeet thinks I know you are hiding something from me but first I have to rescue Shagun from the police otherwise she will tell them everything.

Manmeet calls Mahendra and informs him about the situation.

Mahendra slaps his wife in front of everyone and tells her you can’t control your sister how was she there. Jasodha asks Mahendra to slap her more and asks what Shagun did. Mahendra says that her sister ruined our reputation by going to Meet’s house and Inspector Bhati took her to the police. She apologizes to Mahendra for her sister’s mistake. Mahendra says that this is the government palace and how dare she come out of this palace without asking anyone. Jasodha says that if she says anything to SP, our game plan will be ruined. Mahendra pulled her away from her.

Shagun asks the inspector to please leave me, I haven’t done anything. Bhati says to say what you were doing in Ahlawat haveli. Shagun says that I only went there to see the haldi ceremony, now tell me is it a crime. Bhati says: don’t you think it’s strange? You are a family member of Sarkar and you went to Ahlawat haveli just to watch the performance, I don’t think so. Narendra comes in with the lawyer and says that we don’t even believe that you brought a woman to Sarkar’s family police station. Bhati says that I am just doing my duty and Ahlawat has filed a complaint against him and they are also important people. Nandra says that no one is great in Sarkarpur, now she thinks once which side you are on. The lawyer delivered the bail papers to the SP. The inspector asks him to sign and accidentally spills ink on Narendra’s dress. He cleans up the ink and installs a spy camera in his locket. Narendra withdrew his hand, signed the paper and left the police station.

Meet the inspector’s call. Bhati says I did what you said, I installed a spy camera in my locket. Find him thank you and say now we will know what the government is planning inside his palace.
Bhati watching a video on her laptop.
Narendra stopped his jeep. Manmeet walks towards Shagun and slaps her hard and pushes her inside the house in front of everyone. Manmeet asks what you were doing, who asked you to walk inside Ahlawat haveli, what did you think, I will be happy to see you there.

Ishani puts Manmeet’s name on Meet’s hand and asks how he feels. She knows see Mehndi. Babita sits near Milo and says that God has already written his name in your destiny.

Manmeet tells Shagun that you know from you, Meet must be thinking a lot about the situation and if something bad happens and I don’t marry Meet, I will cut you into little pieces and throw you under the government palace.

Babita says that you are, be angry with me as I forced you to marry. Meet says that no child gets mad at her parents and you always think of me first. Babita looks at Raj and says why are you crying. Raj says I’m happy our Meet is getting married again, I’m sad that Meet is leaving us tomorrow and now who’s going to ask me for late night tea.

Shagun breaks down in front of Manmeet and apologizes to Manmeet for his mistake. Manmeet says that it is the job of men to repeat after me, to think and use the mind, it is the job of women to keep quiet and listen to men, she repeats everything in front of everyone. Shagun got scared and cried. Manmeet says that if you try to do anything else, he will kill you and throw him at Jasodha’s feet.

Walk to meet Raj. Raj tells Babita how important meat is and how we are all connected to each other because of it, we can’t live without it. Meet emotionally says that nothing will change after marriage, your place in my heart will remain the same, now stop crying because I feel the same and my photo will not be taken and tomorrow no one will cry for me. Raj blesses her and says I’ll try not to cry tomorrow. Meet says okay, I’ll call off the marriage. Babita says I challenge you, you will marry Manmeet tomorrow and we are all happy for you, happiness will double when you are happy with Manmeet. They all hugged.

Jasodha tells Manmeet that you have warned her for her mistakes but she has crossed the threshold of Sarkar’s palace and for that I will punish you. She announces that she will call off Manmeet and Shagun’s marriage. Shagun’s sister begs and apologizes to everyone for her mistake. Utho Sarkar tells everyone in the last 30 years that this is the first time a girl has ruined my reputation. I planned to take revenge on her, but all of you are ruining my plan. It’s a crime and Shagun. She scolds Jasodha for her act. Jasodha got scared. The government says if you can’t handle your responsibility then tell me I will bring someone else to handle this responsibility. My son is trying to fulfill his oath and take revenge, but your daughter-in-law is ruining everything and asks to control him.

Bhati calls Meet and says that Narendra is at Sarkar Palace, I will share a link so you can see the pictures.

Narendra walks inside the Sarkar Palace. Meet sees the footage on her phone and says the video looks blurry.

Sarkar asked everyone to make arrangements for the ceremony.


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