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In the village of Gogwan Jalalpur, Babri Police Station in Shamli, a man attacked his wife and 20-year-old son with a shovel, angry about the delay in serving salad while they were eating. The woman died while the son was seriously injured. Storm and heavy rain have devastated the districts of Shimi UP. Houses were damaged, trees uprooted and overturned in villages in many districts, including Baghpat. At the same time, in addition to the rain, hail fell in some areas.

Destruction by storm in the district, houses damaged in many villages, trees uprooted

The storm and heavy rains in Baghpat late on Monday evening wreaked havoc in the district. In many villages, houses were damaged, trees were uprooted and fell on power cables and roads. In many areas there has been a power outage since the night due to the breakage of electricity pylons and cables. The villagers faced many difficulties due to the power failure in more than 50 villages in the Baraut region. Employees of the energy company have been busy installing uprooted masts and repairing broken wires since early this morning. Even until late in the evening, a problematic power supply can be expected in many villages. Due to the fallen trees on the streets, there were traffic jams in many places in the morning. Several houses were reported damaged in the district’s Ghatauli village.

Students will no longer regret not having studied Chaudhary Charan Singh at Chaudhary Charan Singh University. The ideology of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh and Deputy Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram will now enable students to study political science in the BA. Many more thinkers were also included in the curriculum. BA Sanskrit has now been made applicable through the inclusion of Ayurveda, rituals, vastu and yoga topics.

If there is even one child left, the cycle of safety is broken. During the polio eradication campaigns, this phrase was used consistently to raise awareness. Unfortunately, this time the devastation of the corona virus interrupted the safety cycle. In fact, the pulse polio campaign has not been able to run since January until now. As a result, about 2.62 lakh children in the district could not get two drops of life.

A young resident of the Lisadi Gate Police Station in Meerut incited the police by calling 112 information about the kidnapping of his three children. The city police radios responded to the information about the kidnapping of children. After a while, a woman and her three children reached the outpost and asked the police to take her three children away because of the dispute between her husband and wife. Employees came to life.

The Knights of Shooting, who kept coming from the Meerut district, finally received the gift of the International Shooting Range. On Monday, the government of Uttar Pradesh approved in the cabinet the proposal to build a shooting range in Meerut at a cost of 13.51 billion rupees. Shooters from across the division, including Meerut, will benefit from the series prepared at Kailash Prakash Stadium.

The CCSU Campus and Colleges will fill out the examination forms for the even semester June 2021 online from June 1st. Your exam takes place after the completion of the exams in odd semesters or after your doctorate. The latest set date for online submission of the examination form is June 15th.

Meerut. Four new patients with black fungus were found in the district on Monday. Now the total number of patients has reached 204 while there are 199 patients on government records. 5 patients came to the private clinic who are not yet on record. Three patients died on Monday. Two medicals and one died in Anand Hospital. 8 patients were discharged. In this way 66 were discharged. There are 116 active cases. 17 died. 90 patients are treated in medicine. 39 patients are covid-positive and 51 negative. 10 of these patients are in critical condition in the intensive care unit. 14 patients with black fungus (mucormycosis) were operated on successfully.


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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