Meerut News: BJP leaders raise questions about Prime Minister Yogi’s testimony about patient treatment

The statement of the Chief Minister about the treatment of patients with corona in Meerut and letters from representatives and executives on site have become contradictory. In such a situation it is clear that either the administration is trying to mislead the government and the government or the public representative is not aware of the situation here.Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath made a statement that there is no shortage of oxygen, remedisvir injections and beds in hospitals, it just spreads confusion. He has also raised questions on this in relation to media coverage. Now the letters from the representatives and leaders of the BJP oppose this. On Monday MP Rajendra Aggarwal, Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Ministry of Labor, Pt. Sunil Bharala, the head of the BJP business cell, Vineet Agarwal Sharda, the metropolitan president, Mukesh Singhal, wrote letters to the prime minister, and other leaders have increased demand through social media. The letter attempted to achieve this by addressing the problem of lack of beds in hospitals in Meerut, frequent lack of oxygen, and lack of essential medicines.

Electricity connection of the Maheshwari gasworks in operation
The electricity connection at the Maheshwari gas works began on Monday. The oxygen supply begins in the facility in a few days. At the same time, Krishna Gases, which was closed for seven days due to lack of fluids, was supplied with 10 tons of fluids on Sunday evening. Plant operator Manoj Arora complained that the management of his plant was not running smoothly. For this he had also submitted a complaint to the commissioner, DM and CM portal.

The oxygen decreases
Complaints about Ghatauli have also started in the oxygen cylinders that are refilled at home for isolation. A patient living in Ganganagar who has been in domestic isolation for eight days said that Mataji had been ill for a long time. They often take oxygen bottles with them. Now the cylinder is being refilled and can only run for a day and a half. This cylinder used to run for two days.

Request for bed reservations for employees
The Medical College Employees Association has requested that six beds be reserved in the trauma center for employees and their families caring for patients in Kovid-19. Staff who care for patients day and night should receive comprehensive treatment. Rajiv Sharma, JP Yadav, Vipin Tyagi, Mahipal, Virendra Yadav, Baburam, Rajkumar and Usha Devi attended the meeting.

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