Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update – News

Main Hoon Aparajita Feb 3, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Aparajita takes the driver to the inspector and says that the CCTV footage shows that he left my daughters on that road. The driver says that the girls asked me to leave them there, you can see the images from the security cameras and I never forced them to leave there. Disha says that she is lying, she left us there. Akshay says that you should punish them. Singh asks the driver to leave but is stopped by Aparajita. She asks where you were taking the girls. She tells the hotel. Aparajita says but did you leave them on the road that is not the road to the hotel? So why did you leave the girls there? Why did you stay there after leaving the girls there? You were waiting for the police, weren’t you? She slaps him and screams for him to tell them the truth. Driver cries and says that someone called me to do all this and gave me money. Akshay says the truth is out, so leave the girls and me. Singh says we didn’t hear anything, he’s just going to be in jail. Inspector lady says that I have registered this driver and also registered you so please let me do my job otherwise I can send you to DSP. Aparajita tells Singh that you have to be honest with your duty. The girls are released from jail, Aparajita hugs them and leaves with Akshay. Mohini is angry and she says that I will continue to make trouble for her.

Aparajita arrives at her house and finds the whole house decorated with roses and candles, she smiles. Akshay says you left lying to me, why did you hide it from me? Aparajita says actually I… the girls come there and look here and there. Akshay says that I did all this for Aparajita, but I also want to welcome you back safely. I must apologize to all of you as I did not know about the driver’s intentions. Very sorry.

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