Main Hoon Aparajita 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita accepts Veer and Chhavi’s friendship

Main Hoon Aparajita 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita accepts Veer and Chhavi’s friendship

Main Hoon Aparajita 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita accepts Veer and Chhavi’s friendship

Main Hoon Aparajita Nov 14, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

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When Veer arrives at Aparajita’s house, Disha is about to kill him, but Aparajita arrives and tells him to stop… I called her here. Chhavi is shocked. Veer tries to touch her feet but she stops him and says come with me.

Aparajita brings tea for Veer while everyone is sitting there. She serves him food. Veer says I’m so sorry… Aparajita asks me to lie or file a FIR against Disha? I shouldn’t have let you come here after what you did. Veer coughs and Chhavi proceeds to give her water. Aparajita looks at her and she backs away. Aparajita gives her water and asks why she coughs? Aparajita says that I called you here because Chhavi thinks you are a good guy and we made the wrong opinion about you, I trust Chhavi and I trust her words, but I want to meet you and see. Are you suitable for my daughter? She says that they are both young, so love can happen, but first they must both become something in life. Chhavi has to complete her studies and become something in life. I’m sure she too will have a destiny? Both can be friends until both are successful in life. Veer smiles and says can we be friends? Aparajita says that friends do not do anything that embarrasses me. Veer says that I promise to respect your words until Chhavi completes her studies. Chhavi hugs Aparajita and thanks her. Aparajita thinks I’m doing the right thing? Asha and Disha continued to watch.

Aparajita calls Dadi and tells him how she called Veer. Aparajita says that I trust Chhavi, she is not a girl who can lock her in the house. Dadi says that he is young and must be blinded by bangs. Aparajita says no, I saw a deep love in her eyes that I had for Akshay years ago. I want Chhavi to understand that she has options and that she can make her own decisions. Dadi says what if Chhavi makes a mistake? Aparajita says that’s why I’m trusting him so that she can think before doing something bad. I know he won’t break my trust like Akshay. Dadi says that Akshay was not a bad guy but Mohini changed him, I keep thinking what if everything goes well between you two. Aparajita laughs and says that Mohini was nothing to me, I had a relationship with Akshay and he broke it off. She ends the call. Dadi says that he can say anything, but fate plays different games.

Chhavi talks to Veer outside the shop and tells him that I can’t believe Maa let me be your friend. She trusts me a lot. Veer says we won’t break her trust. Akshay is on the balcony and sees them talking. He gets angry and goes to them. He grabs Veer and yells at him what are you doing here? He grabs her by the neck and asks her to leave her. Asha goes to Aparajita and tells him to get out of her. Akshay yells at Veer that I will call the police. Chhavi tries to stop her but Akshay pushes her away and yells at Veer to get out of her. Aparajita reaches there and pushes Akshay away. She says that I called Veer here, I have accepted his friendship. All the neighbors gather and listen.

Mohini shows the seller her jewelry and asks him to polish it. She shows him Aparajita’s mangalsutra and tells him that it is very sticky, that she put some diamonds on it. Dadi arrives and says that I want to polish my jewelry too.

Aparajita asks Veer to leave. Akshay yells how can you accept this? Do you even know what kind of man he is? Son of MLA, don’t you care what people say? Aparajita says that when you left me 15 years ago, I stopped caring about people and I won’t let you force my daughters. I trust my daughters. Akshay says you didn’t give him a good education, so he doesn’t listen to you. Aparajita says did you listen to Dadi? Doesn’t mean he raised you wrong. She asks him to leave.

Akshay returns home and is tense. Nia asks what happened. Akshay says that I am his father but I can’t make any decisions for him. He’s leaving. Niya thinks I’ll reunite her with her other daughters.

Chhavi calls Veer and says that I am sorry for your father’s behavior towards you. Veer says that he is fine. He says that tomorrow is Karvachauth and I will keep the fast for you. What does Chavi say? He says that you can also fast for me. Chhavi says I don’t know. Veer says I have written your name on my heart. He looks out the window and smiles. She says what are you doing here? Anyone can come. Veer says you can handle it. He takes her hand and places her hand on her chest where her name is written like a tattoo. She says what did you do? Veer says that this is a gift for you, you are my reason for living. He says I’ll see you tomorrow, he kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Chavis smiles.

Disha tells Aparajita that you shouldn’t have trusted that brave boy. Aparajita says that Chhavi trusts her and I trust her.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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