thank you so much for your love and my ex borad started so now the update will be slow and today was my test trust me guys no more lets start the crap and sorry for my mistakes guys. Guys today is quite mature so if you don’t like and feel uncomfortable then leave it

RK has been discharged starting from the last part or now everyone is going to VR Mansion

in the car

Vansh: Jaan, I wanted to punish them severely.

RK: Jaan, I am punishing you all, it is okay to just support me.

Vansh pecking her lips said to always press a button and the car be divided for privacy and to sit on her lap, holding her by the waist.

Vansh: Someone is bleeding so much ah yes

Ridhima: Have been imagining serifs for five years so I’m just part particle

Vansh: So do it sweet.. Heart they stammer because RK unzips his pants and takes his dick in his hand and stocked up and down and Vansh mon Ridhima… Jaan..

RK licks his lips with her and both are kissing each other passionately then breaks the kiss and says jaan don’t shout louder we are in car.

Vansh: Sweetheart don’t tease me suck me I’m trying hard for you and try to pull her dress down but RK holds her hand and says no jaan you can’t touch me only I allow you to touch And this is your punishment and challenge also if you win then you can ask for whatever you want but if I win then same with twist and you can’t allow me to touch you for a week.

Vansh: What the f**k no way me yeh sab nahi mane wala You may know that I can’t control when you’re near me and want to control me when you’re happy.

RK: Common the Great VR is the second biggest mafia it can’t control

Lineage: Yes the great VR can’t control in front of his beautiful late wife

and wink

RK: ok fine we change the twist but the revel will happen later but after that you can’t back off ok

Lineage: ok

Then the car stopped and our lineage became hard, then closed his pants and said that we came to life in a seductive voice and licked his lips

Vansh: I can’t go on like this darling I’m too tough

RK: I guess you pick me up in your arm then we go straight to our room

Vansh: Kiya and picks him up and enters VR mansion but everyone is present in the hall

Grandmother: Vansh what the hell have you been to this girl at Uday’s house?

Vansh: Respect grandmother, she is in my calm and dangerous voice and now is the time for your punishment which you guys did to my sweetheart, what you did for five years now it is time to pay and everyone is scared Hai Raagni is filled with haveli

Ragni: I will come back to take my revenge

RK: ok if you don’t come back then you see hell made by RK and trust me you won’t like it and ragni is afraid of hell and runs away from there now my sister-in-law Ishani you all gr ki kragi Angre Block Him All Cards

Angre: yes sister in law

RK: And Aryan you are moving out of the house start a new business and don’t forget that no one can help you

Ishani and Aryan: What else do they try to say but were cut off by the clans

Vansh: If you are dying it then I am going to punish you both and trust me you both will not like it and everyone nods and from there Rhea expects Rohan and Riyansh

Riya: Vansh you don’t come down to Rak, should you have pain in your hand?

Friends, this is the only hope for today, you all will like it.

Precape: Mature Content If you’re uncomfortable comment me I’m changing it.

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