Love is deep, not blind – Part 7

Love is deep, not blind – Part 7

Love is deep, not blind – Part 7

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Ekam, seeking his favor, hears loud bracelets and laughter, and then Ekam looks in the direction the voice is coming from. A group of girls is coming in that direction but there is no mercy there. Then Ekam is sad and suddenly tries to get away from the girl, a girl is shown behind a red salwar with a gold shawl.

All eyes are on that girl and the girl is turning and this is our favor. All who praise Nehmat and Ekam are mesmerized by Nehmat’s beauty.

Rupi tells everyone out loud that the music festival is starting and the girls are gathered in one place and some girls are playing music and some relatives are dancing to that music. Nehmat and Mallika are talking on the other side of the house.

Mallika: Why did you take my brother’s number? And did you talk to him?

Nehmat: No, I’m just… for safety.

Malika: Security… what do you mean?

Nehmat: Yes, for security reasons, your brother is a police officer, so I thought that was his number.

Mallika: Oh… with a very nice smile.

Their talk comes to an end when Naaz steps in and asks them to apply mehndi and pull him into the mehendi. Ekam sees Naaz pull Nehmat there and sits down across from her. Nehmat happily talks to Mallika and Naaz with a sweet smile. See all the moves of Ekam Nehmat

His happiness changes when Rahul arrives and taunts Nehmat. Ekam is very angry seeing how close Rahul and Nehmat are. Naaz smiles seeing Rahul. When everyone is busy with the music, Naaz turns to the side and calls someone, “Everything is going according to our plan, so please prepare for the next step and start the next plan when you get my call”, and then hangs up. call and welcome Nehmat and your smile is gone too soon prepare for that angry face;

What does Naaz plan for Nehmat?

Who did Naaz talk to?

Does Naaz plan to harm Nehmat and for what?

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