Chapter 65: “Relationship at stake!!!”

Hearing these things, Riddhima was shocked and lost her grip on Annie’s shoulder! She suddenly got up in shock.
A (crying): I’m sorry! I couldn’t save him. She died before my eyes! I’m sorry I hid this fact! I was scared! Pardon me!!

Annie was crying bitterly but Riddhima was not even conscious. He involuntarily patted Annie’s shoulder and said,
R: Relax! It’s not your fault! thank you for telling!

Saying this she left the room. She was walking down the aisle and was staggering. The news of Naira’s death and Aryan’s pain was swirling in his mind. She was completely numb and dizzy. She was about to hit a table when Siya came from opposite direction and grabbed her, her phone fell from her hand.
S (concerned): Riddhima! are you okay?
Riddhima did not reply.
S: I think your BP is low. come with me!
She took him to her room and got his BP checked. He asked a servant to bring juice for Riddhima. Riddhima tries to normalize herself so as not to create panic for everyone.
R (myself): I have to generalize myself otherwise everyone will be suspicious. especially the lineage. I have to tell this to the clan. After the concert, I would tell her everything. Right now, I need to do normal tasks. (thinking of Naira) Naira….why all this happened! I wish you were alive!

After that, Riddhima tries to normalize herself and Siya helps her in dressing up for the event. Riddhima forbade Siya from telling her stumbling block and everything to anyone. Sejal and Ishani also joined them. She got busy with them.

After that there was a concert and everyone looked very beautiful. The haveli was decorated like a bride and everyone danced to different songs. Couples danced together. Balika Versace Boys Dance Competition and Singing Competition were also held. Everyone was engrossed in the incident. Kabir was a little hesitant to his father but was enjoying himself to the fullest with his mother. When the program was ending, the drummers started beating the drums and everyone was doing Bhangra. Dancing to the beat of the dhol, Riddhima saw Rudra standing alone in a corner and went to her to talk. He tried to talk to her but Rudra was very hesitant. He was ignoring Riddhima. Before Riddhima could say anything, Ravi came and took Rudra with him to the dancing floor. Riddhima standing there, suddenly, understood something and thought,
R: I want to talk. I should call him outside to talk.
Thinking this, he opened his clutch but his phone was not there.
R: My phone?

Then, we see that someone is picking up Riddhima’s phone and the person opens the phone to check,
Person: Looks like Riddhima’s phone!
As soon as the phone was opened, there was a sketch of Naira on the screen. The man was shocked to recognize him,

The person said in a broken voice and then the person is shown as Arya.

Meanwhile, Annie comes to Aryan and sees the phone in his hands,
A: It’s Riddhima’s call! What is it doing here? Maybe he left it after knowing about Naira.
Coming out of the trance, Aryan is trying to process everything, asks,
A: How do you know Naira?

And then, Ani tells him everything that how Riddhima was asking her about Naira. He even apologizes to her for hiding it and tells her how guilty she is!

Aryan was shocked and hurt.
A: It means Riddhima knew everything and hid it from me. He hid all this about my Naira! My Naira! She was alive!?!

Tears rolled down his cheeks but the betrayal he felt made him very angry. He wiped his tears and started walking downstairs in anger.

The scene again turns to Riddhima, remembering that she had dropped her phone outside Annie’s room. She starts going towards the room. She was climbing the stairs when she saw Aryan coming down in anger.
R (concerned): What happened Aryan?
Aryan, in extreme anger, looked at her angrily and held her tightly and took her to the area where everyone was dancing. Everyone sees them dragging Riddhima in the middle and stops dancing. Vansh got angry with the way Aryan was dragging Riddhima. he asked angrily,
V: What is this behavior Aryan? Why are you dragging him like this?
A (angry): Ask Riddhima! What has she done! It might not hurt you all that much but I really am!
Riddhima asked worriedly,
R: But what have I done to Aryan? why are you so angry?
A (tearful but furious): You really hid something big!
Riddhima was shocked to hear this and her eyes fell on Aryan’s hand. He was holding her phone. And this cleared everything to Riddhima. The moment Annie came down and said,
A: I’m sorry Riddhima! I didn’t know that Aryan bhai didn’t know anything. My sin was killing me from within. I wanted to apologize so I told him everything. Riddhima’s eyes widened and she stood there empty-handed. He couldn’t find words to explain himself. She knew Aryan’s anger very well and was afraid of it. his reaction! Only one word came out of his mouth,
R: I can explain to Aryan!
Hearing this, Aryan broke the vase kept on a nearby table and shouted,
A (loud): What would you explain !!!
This angered the Vansh and he shouted,
V: Don’t shout Aryan! (looking at Riddhima) Riddhima! Would you tell me what’s going on here?
Aryan: I’ll tell you!
He opened Riddhima’s phone and showed her the sketch,
Aryan: Do you know who he is?
Lineage: No! but…
Aryan (shouting): Naira!! My Naira!! This girl is my Naira! She was alive!! She didn’t die!! And Riddhima knew this!! Riddhima knew that Naira is alive and she hides all this! She met Naira!! And now, Naira is dead!!!! She was my sister and Riddhima hid all this from me!! He took away my rights!! Instead of telling me, she kept looking for herself! And she didn’t get it! And Naira is dead!!!!

Everyone was shocked. Aryan was very angry and was crying knowing that his sister is dead.
A (crying): Once again I lost him. I couldn’t save him once again! And this time because of you! how could you!?!?!

Vansh looked at Riddhima who was crying. He went towards her and raised her chin and asked,
V: Do you know about Sketch?
Tears rolled down his cheeks. But she was well aware that this time, though for a reason, it was actually her fault. Riddhima could not meet his eyes, she bowed her head and nodded yes.
R (in crime): I knew that….she was Naira but I didn’t know she was alive! I am sorry!
try to understand! I didn’t do it intentionally.

Vansh is deeply saddened that Riddhima once again hid the truth from him but this time, he knew that Riddhima would have an explanation. This time he did not want the misunderstanding to break their relationship. He said,
V: I understand! But you should have at least told me!
Aryan: Told you?! what do you mean? Did you know everything?

And then, Vansh tells everyone how he met Naira at the stadium and then, she collided with his car. He tells them everything and tries to justify Riddhima even though she herself is hurt.
V: If she’s saying that she didn’t do anything intentionally, at least you should listen to her.
But Aryan was in no mood to listen. He went up in anger. Ishani follows him.
Ajay asks Riddhima why did she hide all this and she told everything how she wanted to confirm Naira is alive first! But still everyone got hurt a little bit.
The program ended and everyone went to their respective rooms. Riddhima tries to talk to Aryan but he does not open the door. Everyone tried to pacify Aryan but failed.

It was midnight. Vansh was standing on the terrace thinking everything. He was hurt and angry. Riddhima came there and stood beside him. Vansh sensed his presence and turned his neck to look. As soon as he saw her, he started going back but Riddhima stopped him,
R (guilty): I’m sorry Vansh! At least talk to me!
V (Serious): I don’t want to talk!
R: Please don’t listen! You were taking my side down and now you are not even listening!
V: I was taking your side because I know you must have done all this for some reason but nothing should be hidden between us Riddhima! I kept asking you but you didn’t tell me anything!! Don’t you trust me Riddhima?
R: No Lineage! I trust you more than myself!
V: Then why did you do all this?
R: I wanted to tell all this to Aryan first!
Vansh didn’t say anything as he was furious. Riddhima tried to pacify her by holding her cheeks between her palms,
R: Lineage! Just think, God forbid, Siya would have been in Naira’s place and I would have come to know about her. Wouldn’t you like me to tell you about being his brother first? I told you all that. I didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. Aryan has the first right to know about him, but the moment I came to know about all this, I did not dare to tell him. I know his pain and I know his anger too. I wanted to tell him at a more opportune time but it turned out like this. I never wanted it to be like this.

He tried to convince her and she succeeded. The dynasty understood his side. He apologized to them several times and they reconciled but still one more person had to be convinced!

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