Love Between the Vampire and the Witch (Part 1)

Love Between the Vampire and the Witch (Part 1)

Love Between the Vampire and the Witch (Part 1)

Thanks a lot guys for your love and sorry for my mistakes. start now

A man is running in the woods he was hell holy bend his leg and fell on the ground and the man came from behind pinned him to the tree

man 2: what do you think you run and i can’t catch you ya

Man 1: Please leave me I’m not telling your secret please

Man 2: And you think I trust you and bite him on the neck and suck his blood and man 1 dies so come another man

One more man: Vansh brother what are you doing man 2 is our lineage

Vansh: What are you doing here and I enjoy joining

Angre: Good brother, I am searching for you and curse brother and in light speed grab him and suck his blood and said brother let’s have an important meeting tomorrow

give offspring an evil srimk : let’s go

scene change

A girl is roaming on the road and suddenly she saw a car accident and the driver got badly injured but the girl came to him and opened the car door and checked his pulses and cheated something that human cannot hear it and He can heal his injury. A light movement admits her to the hospital and leads to the exit but then another girl said what Ridhu is doing here yes girl 1 is Ridhima.

Ridhima: Oh common Sejal, I am helping a poor person and what are you doing here?

Sejal: I am searching you and Ridhu, you know that you should not use your magic like this, if someone had seen the power

Ridhima: Chill baby no one got to know don’t worry relax

Sejal: You will never improve

Ridhima: Let’s go tomorrow, I have an important meeting with VR, so let’s go

and go home there.

That’s all for today i know a small update but sorry to manage till my exam after that i will increase the length. Hope you all liked it and comment.

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