Lock Up contestant and designer Saisha Shinde during her recent interaction with actress Sara Khan revealed that she has started developing feelings for co-contestant and opposite team member Munawwar Farooqui. During the episode, Poonam Pandey was secretly dared to take the belongings of the other team and hand it over to the guard. Some of the contestants saw her, leading to a debate as to whether she was successful in her task or not, as the Blue Team saw her handing over the goods to the guards.

Before leaving, the guards handed over a letter to Sayesha Shinde regarding the above task. Munawwar Farooqui asks Sayesha what is written in it but she refuses to spill anything and also mentions that it seems he does not trust her and hence, is asking for letters from her.

Later Sara gets into an argument with Sayesha for almost handing over the letter to Munavvar. Later, Sayyeshaa was seen crying in the smoking zone, where she pleaded for him to leave the show.

Eventually Sara and Sayyeshaa settled their matter and hugged each other. During a conversation with Sara, Sayyeshaa tells her to turn off her mic and says, “I don’t know why, but I have a soft spot for Munawwar. I just feel for him. If I give him attention. It is not my fault because I know it will be only one way, it will never be two way.

Sara agreed to Saysha’s advice and said, “Okay. Yes, it’s never going to be two-way.” Sayesha said, “If I’ve made mistakes, it’s because of this particular reason. It is because of him that my team accused me of doing things for attention. With whom should I go and share my feelings? How can I not.”

When asked by Sara if Munavvar is aware of his feelings. Saisha said, “No, no one knows. No one can know, and no one should know.” Sara looked at Sayesha in emotion and called her “adorable”. Sayesha cried, “No, it’s painful because I know nothing.”

Sara said to Saisha, “I am your friend and I am telling you that this will never happen.” Sara goes to say something about Munavvar but Saisha signals her to keep quiet. Sayesha tells him, “Now you understand where I am coming from and what I am doing.” Sara tells Sayyeshaa that it is all “scary”.

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