Kundali Bhagya March 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: When Prithvi goes into lockup with Sherlyn, he gets into an argument

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Prithvi is sitting in lockup when constable opens door, Pradeep Mishra mentions that he will be there tomorrow when constable explains that he is going to stay here for sometime, constable asks Prithvi to come as a lady came 9 to meet him Hai, Prithvi thinks it will be Preeta, he asks constable to tell her that he doesn’t want to meet her, constable reveals that he is someone else who is listening that Prithvi leaves, Pradeep thinks that He is really lucky.

Janki can’t believe Srishti’s words and Biji also tells that she is happy, they all start making a ruckus about how the biggest enemy of Luthra family is in jail but can’t come back now. Payega, Biji also says that she is happy that she was kicked out of the house, they both give her a clap, Srishti says Prithvi is upset, Janki says he got arrested and criminal Gone out of the house, Srishti sits with Biji when she shouts that if this story ends then another one will start, Biji asks what is she saying, Srishti mentions Holi yesterday and tells them Need to prepare for this, she asks Janki what is tomorrow’s plan, Bji reveals that she will have to do anything, Srishti likes sweets and gujiyas to Mahesh uncle the most, they all say that He likes it so much, Srishti suggests that he should start making it so that he can be taken to the Luthras;

Sherlyn hugs Prithvi and is also crying, she asks the reason why she is still alive and not dead, Sherlyn asks her not to say so because if it was in her hands she would have gone to jail, Prithvi replies gives that they can ask the constable, he calls him and asks if it is possible that they will leave when sherlyn is thrown at his place, constable questions if it is possible that he should go to shahrukh’s house And he should do his duty here, Prithvi is mentioned that in short it is not possible to say he is. Prithvi mentions that he is really upset explaining that this is happening because of his thought, Sherlyn questions what does he mean, he replies that he stole the papers because of his idea, Sherlyn mentions that Not knowing that he would actually steal them, Prithvi replies as no one should reveal that they stole anything. Prithvi asks him to go back as he needs to be alone, Sherlyn questions what he is saying as she came to meet him and feels that she too will be worried about what Preeta is doing to him. Hogi but it is not and she is saying that she should go back so easily, Prithvi replies that she should go back, she asks the reason when he tells that she is trying to prove that she has a Ehsaan done, Preeta also comes to meet him, he taunts her a lot and makes fun of her, there is nothing different about their visits as they should have come when she had the ability to help him get released, Sherlyn replies that It is really late so nothing can happen, Prithvi laughs that this word of the night is used something in lockup so if she can’t do anything then what is she doing here. He sucks when Sherlyn angrily says that she is indeed a useful woman but Prithvi replies that he is fighting Preeta alone, Sherlyn mentions that she is useful while she is imprisoned because of her actions. Was. Prithvi asks the constable to take him back when Sherlyn replies that he can take her as he himself is useless, however Prithvi is not ready to accept it. Don’t have right to talk with criminal, he has to go now., Sherlyn replies that she doesn’t want to be with someone like her, Prithvi starts yelling at her, constable asks Prithvi to calm down Ever since she left.

Preeta stands looking at the flowers when Karan walks up to her, she asks if he has anything else to say, Karan replies that he came to apologize for what he said, revealing that he had to share this with her. Don’t have the right to talk like that, he knows she is suffering just like him but they are all human and go crazy, he should scold her too. Preeta tells that she doesn’t understand what she is hearing, she questions if he came to apologize to her but Karan refuses, she questions why did he come, she is tense because He cannot reveal what is really in his heart. Karan chooses a rose flower, explaining that it is really beautiful, even though the ti has a lot of spikes, he tells that people are like that, even he has some flaws, So can she accept him with all of them, Preeta cannot believe her eyes and she is really shocked so chooses flowers, Preeta takes flowers and asks if he is proposing her Karan immediately takes the flower back, saying that anyone can propose by saying what is in his heart, he requests Preeta to accept it as he only loves her. Preeta is looking at Karan, she starts smiling when he says that there is nothing to smile about. He should accept it. Preeta says that she is not angry with him; He replies that he is an idiot because he would not have been with her if he was angry. He should accept it. Preeta replies that it is okay as she is going to tell him after thinking about this proposal, Karan agrees before wishing her a good night, he turns to look at her once again while she Also standing completely blown away by his behavior, she begins to smile at what happened.

Prithvi is really angry in the lockup when he sits, questions why Pradeep is looking at him, he replies that Prithvi is really angry and not talking, so they both talk, he Advises that they should tell jokes to each other, however Prithvi is really angry asking the constable to take Pradeep away or else he will hit him on the head. Pardeep sits down when Nagre comes to stand behind him, Prithvi actually requests Nagre to get him out of the lockup, Nagre reveals that he is going to file a bail application, but it is not until after Holi. Will not be processed, Prithvi mentions that he will be free after two days but Nagre replies that he is still worried about Preeta as she has evidence against him, her career will be ruined. Nagre explains that he is worried about what can happen in Prithvi’s absence as Preeta has complete control over the Luthra mansion and can even search his room to find the file he has hidden and whose Because he is the master of Luthra. Haveli, Prithvi cannot go back to his in-laws’ house because what can they do, Nagre explains that he tried to take control of Preeta’s property, but if he discovers the small locker in her bag, it will be her entire property. over control. Prithvi asks if he has switched sides, as he knows that Nagre has come here to defend Preeta, he knows Nagre really well and knows how he is an opportunist so he goes to Preeta’s side. With is because he is currently the strongest, replied Nagre hates the rich because he is the one who makes them but hides their bad side, he doesn’t give a damn if the earth trusts him or not, He will not obtain Prithvi’s bail but will ask another lawyer to do so, and Prithvi challenges his integrity so there is no need for a friend like him. Prithvi angrily says that he too does not need a lawyer like him.

Pradeep explains that there is a phrase in English which he will say in Hindi, it states that the branch they are sitting on should not be cut, so he should not do so, Prithvi replies that there is another one who says that someone Until he is asked for it, Pardeep mentions that he knows the drink was strong so he should have drunk it. If he is not able to handle it, Prithvi starts drinking it all. When Prithvi threatens to hit him in the head, Pardeep tries to stop him. If he talks again. Pradeep gets scared.

Precap: Prithvi, in jail, says today is Holi, isn’t it? Celebrate whatever you want because after today you will not be able to celebrate. Srishti says to Sameer, I didn’t expect Holi to be like this. Karan Jiju is applying color to everyone except Preeta Di. The relationship which has the most colors, Karan Jiju made that relationship colorless.

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