Kundali Bhagya March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta reveals the reason for Prithvi to return to the Luthra Haveli

Kundali Bhagya March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta reveals the reason for Prithvi to return to the Luthra Haveli

Kundali Bhagya March 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta reveals the reason for Prithvi to return to the Luthra Haveli

Kundali Bhagya 25 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Prithvi is in lockup, Karan stands in front of him and stands with the Inspector, who reveals that an FIR has been registered, when Prithvi asks if he does not understand what is happening because his wife Manipulated to send her into the lockup, Karan orders her to keep quiet, citing the only reason she doesn’t answer in the house is because he respects and cares for women but that doesn’t mean that she is a part of Prithvi’s. Can’t stand in front, Karan holds her by the collar when Prithvi questions if he can’t understand what’s wrong as Kritika is his only sister and is crying yet he is eager to stand against her, Seeing this he gets really angry and is about to harm Prithvi once again but the police pull him over saying that he should only sign the FIR, the constable starts taking selfies with Karan, Prithvi Questioned why are they taking selfies with him when he is no longer the star he once was, Prithvi too is sure that He will not be selected in the team this year, Inspector orders him to keep quiet but Prithvi replies what would be good to talk, Inspector informs Karan that his work is done so he can go now.

Rakhi sitting with Kareena and Dadi tells that she is really happy that Prithvi has been arrested and the police took him, what can be better, Dadi is relieved that Karan is released, Kareena replied that she is upset how she cannot trust Karan as she thought he must have stolen the papers as he asked her but he has always done the right thing and is sure that he is a really good guy, Rakhi replies that she too is feeling the change in the air and is happy after Prithvi is arrested, Kritika enters the room asking what to be worried about as this house is still in Preeta’s name, she asks. Whether Rakhi has forgotten all this, but she replies that she doesn’t care who is the owner of the house as she was talking about feelings as she felt like this house is a Luthra mansion once again, Kritika asks Kareena to say something as she can understand Rakhi’s feelings as her son was saved but she must speak as her son-in-law is arrested. Taar ho gaya, kareena asks him to calm down as she is happy that karan survived but did prithvi do any good deed with him, he treats them like slaves and rings the bell to call them, he always chooses Prithvi over Preeta but she hasn’t done anything good to them, and for Karan and Prithvi, she will always choose Karan over anyone else, Kritika questions herself as she is his daughter, that she Distraught explaining that they have shown her what they feel, Kritika walks away in a rage. Kareena questions what has she got.

Rakhi stands up and explains to Kareena that she needs to understand her feelings as Kritika was about to marry Akshay but she doesn’t get married after that she marries Prithvi and considers him as her husband with all her might. is standing in. Where there is a lot of confusion in his mind, but there is nothing to worry and everything will be fine.

Karan is driving the car thinking what Prithvi told him and warns that his sister will not be well, Karan calls Sameer and asks where is he, Sameer replies that he is in the house, Karan asks him about Kritika. questions, Sameer mentions that she will be in his room too, Karan tells that both of them have to take care of her as she is not the same as before and even her relationship with Preeta is not the same. Yes, she starts crying even on small things so they should take care of her, Sameer assures he will sit and talk with Kritika, meanwhile Karan can come back home.

Kritika sitting in the room wondering how the police was dragging Prithvi ji out of the house when he tried his best to stop them but they didn’t listen, Sherlyn sees her crying, she thinks that when Prithvi got arrested So Kritika was the only one who stood against the family and she was standing in front of Preeta, Sherlyn thinks she needs Kritika’s support now that Prithvi is not at home and she needs Kritika’s support, Sherlyn Kritika Assures that she knows if she is suffering, how she must have felt when they were taking Prithvi, Sherlyn reveals that she is the elder daughter-in-law of the Luthra family and many others. but still really alone, she knows when life partner is not with her then they feel lonely because Rishabh ji is not with her, Sherlyn assures that what happened to her will happen to Kritika. Won’t let go, she is always going to support him, Krutika hugs him, Natasha is standing in the corner. Technically he thinks she is. They are both lovers of the same person but then embracing each other, Natasha thinks how Prithvi got caught as he was always able to escape and save himself, she must have thought a lot about him as he was not Able to stand in front of Preeta.

Prithvi is sitting when the constable asks how he liked their hospitality, Prithvi stops him from opening the door and asks him to think as he knows that his men will surely come and make him realize their rightful place, the constable replies. Will stay with them for some more time as someone has come to meet them, Prithvi asks if it is Karan Luthra who came to fight with him once again or he thought he will come back to fight with him.

The constable mentions that he thinks really well but for now a lady has come to meet him, Prithvi thinks it will be Sherlyn, he is taken to the meeting area. Preeta is waiting when Prithvi is surprised and asks how did she come to meet him as he thought it would be Sherlyn, what is she doing here, Preeta replies that she is right because this place is for people like her. That for her, Preeta reveals that he was asking her a lot of questions, but she thought she would answer him here, Preeta tells all the answers to her questions, how much she loves the Luthra family, Preeta tells Knowing that she loves every member of the Luthra family, this house is both her in-laws’ house and her own home, as Mahesh Papa considers her to be his daughter, Preeta reveals that she wanted some evil person like her out of the house. Ho and he felt that there must be someone with whom he could reveal the truth when he kicked her out of the house and came to speak the truth. Preeta reveals that she was right to think that she had brought the papers into the house because of him as she had intentionally brought them back, she was sure that he would steal these papers.

Prithvi praises Preeta for the game she played, she reveals that if she is the devil for the family then she is also not a good person in their eyes, she did all this to get love from the Luthras but they will only disapprove of her as they never trust her even though she goes to reveal to them that she is a wicked person but still they will reject her because she is still evil to them and they have to Must go on to tell that he has planned all this for their safety, no one will stand by him. With her husband and Rakhi aunty or Mahesh, she can go and test it. Preeta replies that she doesn’t care until she knows that she has taken this step for her own benefit, she says that the truth is they don’t love her and it is because they don’t know the reason, she is there. But when Mahesh Papa recovers, he is sure that they all will love him and he doesn’t see how Karan supports her because she is in this jail because of Karan, who is in all this situation. stood by her, even though she had not said anything.

Preeta advises him to worry about his life as he has also solved it for her, she is going to send Sherlyn in this lockup, she will stay with him even if the lady is in lockup, she questions Why is he seeing her like this must wait till after Holi as she wants her family to enjoy the celebrations, she wishes her a Happy Holi, Prithvi looks at Preeta angrily.

Precap: Prithvi is in lock up. Karan warns her that if you take Preeta’s name again, I will make sure you never come out of jail. Later, Preeta tells Prithvi that the biggest credit for your being in jail today goes to Karan as he always supported me. You might need a company, so don’t worry, I will soon send Sherlyn to jail too.

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